For the 5th pick the Sacramento Kings Select…


Who the Sacramento Kings end up drafting may turn out to be more who falls to them, rather than a predetermined set player. Anthony Davis, Thomas Robinson, and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist are probably going to be taken before the 5th. If any one of them happens to fall to the Kings, chances are he will be snagged.

A picture of who the main players will be in the top 5 is taking shape. Sam Amick and Chad Ford have all three of these players gone with the first three picks. Same for A Royal Pain’s Bryan Rosa, although Scott Levin has Robinson falling into the hands of the Kings. Anthony Davis appears to be the number one pick by virtually everyone on the planet.  So, I don’t see New Orleans going against the grain. Robininson or MKG will most likely go 2nd or 3rd in no particular order.

James Ham contributor with Cowbell Kingdom tweeted on June 12 that his sources indicated that Kings would not select Drummond, who was scheduled to work out with the team, but would select among whoever was left of  Beal, Barnes, MKG or Robinson. So, it could just be as simple as that. One of those guys will be left standing at the Number 5 spot.

Not so fast, though. It could get a little bit dicey  with Bradley Beal and Harrison Barnes shaping up to be the fourth pick to Cleveland. According to Sam Amick, it is unclear who they would chose between these two guys. Now remember, the Sacramento Kings are in need of an NBA-ready SF. If Barnes falls to the 5 the team will most likely select him. If he doesn’t fall to the 5 and Beal does, then the picture gets a bit murky. There is still time between now and then. People have been known to change their minds at the last minute.

The Kings could decide that they already have too many hands trying to fit into the SG cookie jar, with Thornton, Jimmer and possibly Tyreke all trying to reach the same sugar-coated cookie.  Jimmer did not work out as planned last season at the PG spot, so they might decide to use Jimmer at the 2. The PG experiment officially ended last season with Tyreke. They tried him at the 3, but some feel he would work well at the 2. Sacramento Kings continue to work out other players. They might decide to come up with a back-up plan in the event Beal falls to them.

Geoff Petrie has been known to play magician and pull an unexpected rabbit out of the hat.  Although unlikely, I wouldn’t rule-out a surprise of Damian Lillard . Right now the Kings primary PG is Isaiah Thomas. They might decide there are too many of their players at the 2, but room at the inn for another point guard.

Lillard is considered to be the top point guard in this year’s draft and he recently worked out for the Kings. Geoff Petrie also has the reputation of keeping his selections close to the vest.  Is it possible they may have their eye on this young man, but prefer to keep it under wraps?  Although it may be a long-shot, don’t be too surprised if they select Lillard. He may be the dark horse in this draft.

So, with Anthony Davis out it appears the front runners are Robinson, MKG, Barnes, Beal, or possibly Lillard.