Sacramento Kings Draft Profiles: Andre Drummond


Andre Drummond
Center, 6’11”, 279 lbs.
Freshman, University of Connecticut
18 years old
Andre Drummond Highlights

2011-12 Stats: 10.0 PPG (53.8% FG, 29.5% FT, 0.0% 3FG), 7.6 RPG, 0.4 APG, 0.8 SPG, 2.7 BPG, 1.5 TOPG

STRENGTHS: The most intriguing aspect of Andre Drummond is his size/athleticism combo, which is rare to see. At almost 7-feet tall, Drummond runs the floor with ease and explodes to the rim if given the opportunity. He’s quick off of his feet and possesses the strength to snatch rebounds and rip the rim. He uses his physical tools to position himself on rebounds, showing particular skill on the offensive end. Drummond also proved to be a a strong shot-blocker, thanks to his 7’5″ wingspan. With the size of a center and quickness of a power forward, Drummond can man both positions in the pros.

WEAKNESSES: Raw, raw, raw. Drummond really hasn’t developed any kind of offensive game. He has no strong moves in the post and doesn’t show much touch around the basket. The big man is a horrid free throw shooter, making him a liability at the end of games and raising concerns about his long-term prospects in the high post. Drummond has also earned the reputation as somewhat lazy, a guy who hasn’t had to work hard because of his physical gifts. The result is a timid player who fades into the background way too much — his terrible NCAA Tourney game a prime example. Drummond will require much work to nail down his footwork, establish position on both ends, passing out of the post, etc. A long-term project.

HOW HE’D FIT WITH THE KINGS: With Jason Thompson’s return seemingly a formality, you’re drafting Drummond as a third or fourth big man initially, but one who you think can become the complement to DeMarcus Cousins in the starting lineup down the road. Drummond would not be looked upon to contribute much right away — think Hassan Whiteside, who Drummond mirrors at this stage in his career. Down the road, Drummond could be that shot-blocker the Kings look for next to Cousins, similar to how Samuel Dalembert excelled in that role. With Cousins garnering the defense’s attention and taking much of the post touches, Drummond would need to only be a competent offensive player, mopping up around the basket and making the smart play. So much depends on Drummond’s development. Clifford Ray’s presence on the staff has seemed to help other big men on the roster; could he transform Andre Drummond into a beast sidekick to DMC? The hope is Drummond turns into someone like Derrick Favors.

APPROVAL: No. While Drummond’s athletic ablity is tantalizing, is it enough for the No. 5 pick? Not in my opinion. I’m not interested in another long-term project. Drummond shows a questionable work ethic and it’s too much of a risk at No. 5, particularly in a loaded draft with plenty of other talented prospects. Drafting Drummond means waiting another 2-3 years to see the fruits of your labor, if any develop. Someone with more polish would be preferable.

WHERE HE GOES: Andre Drummond stands to gain immensely by impressing teams in workouts, but he is already messing that up by skipping combine drills. He could jump into the top 5 with a great workout, but I see him as a prime candidate to slip in the draft. Being the likely second best center in the draft makes him a candidate as high as No. 2, but he could find himself on the board for Portland (6), Detroit (9) and New Orleans (10), who could create a ‘Twin Towers’ scenario with expected No. 1 pick Anthony Davis.

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