DeMarcus Cousins Wishes Good Sex To Kings Teammate Jimmer Fredette


Through my endeavors, I’ve written on a vast number of topics – though, today might take the cake in terms of oddities.

As many might know (and some may not), the Kings’ Jimmer Fredette and his loveable personality made quite a few close friends during his rookie year in Sacramento, few closer then fellow Kings teammate DeMarcus Cousins who even invited the Kings rookie to live with him this past season. Talk about an initial odd-couple.

Fredette and Cousins were regularly spotted together, be it out on the town or at King charity events, the two becoming extremely close in their lone season together. So close that Cousins wanted to give some friendly well wishes to his buddy Jimmer, who earlier in the day married his longtime girlfriend Whitney Wonnacott.

Fredette, who is Mormon of course, was said to be a virgin – a topic that certainly made the locker room rounds during Jimmer’s rookie campaign. And while we don’t have any word on if Cousins was able to attend the nuptials, Cousins certainly did his best to get his wishes across.

How can you not love Boogie?