The Aftermath: Finding Hope among the Ruins


Who would have guessed the sulking George Maloof seen in Orlando, Florida in February would play the Grinch who stole Christmas in April? Who could have imagined that it would be George who would thrust a symbolic dagger into the hearts of the City and fans of Sacramento to the astonishment of everyone? The Maloofs managed to pull off a last-minute betrayal hurting everyone in their wake, including themselves.

Emotions dropped from exhilaration to dejection, faster than Tyreke can accelerate his Mercedes on Interstate 80. Where were you when you got the crushing news that the arena deal collapsed? What were your thoughts and feelings when reality began to set in? Did it hit you hard in one fell swoop, or did denial set-in to protect you from the onslaught? No matter when or how you remember the events of a few weeks ago, as a Sacramento Kings fan it was an unexpected broadside blow.

Moving forward, each one of us has to determine our own path. The emotional anger and angst of a few weeks ago has relented to calmer minds and clearer thinking. Many have already confronted the painful decision of whether to purchase or cancel season tickets. There will be other decisions, which lie ahead. Fortunately, they do not have to be made today or tomorrow. We have the off-season to gather our thoughts.

One chapter has come to a close. The last card was played and now the deck reshuffled. Although, not an enviable position, there will be a lot of uncertainly how events will unfold in the months ahead. New players may come and others may leave. The overriding Grandmaster, NBA Commissioner David Stern is ever-present behind the scenes. Unseen power plays could begin to take shape, as the cash-strapped Maloofs try to make their moves on an uncertain landscape. Watch your step George! You made a few enemies.

As basketball fans, we are spectators of the game of basketball. We have little control of the outcome of the game, except by our support, attendance, and our voice. Down the stretch our loud cheers can lift our team with an adrenaline rush and help make the difference. Now, we are now spectators of the power struggles of the owners being played out on a different court. We have little control of the outcome of this game, but here again; we are a force to be reckoned with down the stretch. Our voice could be a difference maker. Keep the hope and allow the game come to you.