Oblivious Maloof Brothers Watching As Kings Fan Base Gasps For Air


As it pertains to the Maloof family, I’ve long expected a bad apple in the bunch. That’s not to say Joe and Gavin are void of any blame in this saga, but they’re more pawns in this chess game than anything. Their over-emotional ways are swayed more than a rickety swing in a gale force wind and George Maloof has turned himself into a master puppeteer, pulling their strings as if it was a Broadway production of Pinocchio.

I’m sure we all remember the Maloof family, namely George, referring to the Orlando frameworked deal as “fair”, so, it’s baffling to anybody with a brain how the Maloofs, again, namely George, weeks later come out and say the deal was “not fair” as was the case in a News10 interview with George Maloof:

"Kings co-owner George Maloof said that the framework of the deal reached in Orlando during the NBA’s All-Star break, “wasn’t a good deal.”“You want to do a deal that makes sense, not something that the day you sign it you go ‘oh no,'” Maloof said from his executive office at the Palms Casino Resort. “We didn’t feel it was good for the City either, quite frankly.”"

This isn’t the first (or last) time we’ve seen the Maloof family backtrack on their word. They blame it on overexhuberance and emotion, I blame it on a torn family with two guys unable to stand up to their big bully of a brother.

Joe and Gavin, despite their denials, know their once financially strong empire is crumbling quicker then a saturated sand castle. Sure, they can be slightly profitable right now with a league minimum salary, especially with the new NBA collective bargaining agreement, but an alienated fan base can only support a broken product for so long. And maybe, just maybe, that’s George’s plan – cut off the circulation to the franchises airway.

Am I saying Joe and Gavin support what’s happening at the hands of George? No – more than that, I’m saying they’re frighteningly oblivious. They’ve (Joe and Gavin) done some minimal damage control doing their best to put out the fires George has left in his wake, but let’s be honest about them all – businessmen, they are not. While their father built them a dream life from a financial standpoint, they’ve promptly destroyed everything they’ve touched in the past decade – some do to poor business decision, others because they were in over their heads.

If push came to shove, I honestly don’t believe Joe and Gavin want to leave Sacramento nor do they want to be the bad guy(s) in this scenario. They, unlike the rest of their family, are invested in Sacramento and they do hold it close to their heart – but they’re oblivious to their surroundings, almost lying to themselves to support George’s tactics.

Without a fan base and community to support the Kings, the NBA relocation committee has every reason to let the Kings move on and that’s what George Maloof is banking on.

But despite the irritation and hurt throughout the Kings fan base, one thing must be remembered – though the Maloofs own the Kings; this is your team. They were here before the Maloofs and continued support will keep them here with or without the Maloofs.