Despite Success, Kings’ Isaiah Thomas Still Has Chip On His Shoulder


There’s few better stories in the NBA this season than that of the Kings’ Isaiah Thomas. Anybody who watches the game religiously knows, as good as the Jeremy Lin story was earlier in the year – it’s no competition for the story of Isaiah Thomas. Unfortunately for Thomas and the Kings, the feel-good events haven’t taken place in the bright lights of New York and Madison Square, but that doesn’t mean the basketball community hasn’t taken notice.

Slam Magazine caught up with Thomas recently and delved into some hot topics, namely his rookie of the year campaign and his Reebok CrossFit workout, which has been growing in popularity throughout the NBA community. In addition, Isaiah touched on the snub from the NBA All-Star rookie/sophomore game to which he still holds a chip on his shoulder:

"SLAM: At the All-Star Break, you weren’t invited to the Rookie/Sophomore Game. Now to have the event like you’re having Wednesday, and to be in the ROY race with Kyrie Irving, and to have earned all that through your play on the court, what does that mean to you at this point?IT: It means a lot. It’s a blessing from God to even be in consideration for Rookie of the Year. For the Rookie/Sophomore Game, I felt like some of the guys that were selected that I outplayed. But it also gave me extra motivation to get in the gym, to work even harder, and to know that I still have doubters. Even though I’ve been playing pretty well in the NBA, there’s guys who still say I can’t do this or I can’t do that. It just puts a bigger chip on my shoulder to prove people wrong, and hopefully I get invited to that game next year."

You can read Isaiah’s full interview by clicking here.