Defenseless Kings Get Plastered By Spurs


Well, that wasn’t very much fun. And thanks to an abundance of free throws, it seemed to drag on for days. The Kings, as has been the story for the entire season, played little to no defense. For the first half, they stayed with the Spurs, matching them shot for shot. But when you allow San Antonio to shoot a blistering 58.8 percent from the floor and tack on 25 points from the free throw line, the game will eventually get out of hand. And it did. The Spurs cruised to a 127-102 victory without Tim Duncan.

MAKING SENSE OF REKE — As alluded to in the last game report, Tyreke Evans (38 MIN, 5 PTS, 2-8 FG, 3 REB, 1 AST, 3 TO) just doesn’t seem like a natural fit for the Kings small forward spot. Albeit his numbers are actually quite similar to those he posted as a guard, and he’s shooting a strong 47.1 percent as the small forward. But it’s not passing the eye test. Every once in a while, he throws up a performance like the San Antonio game where he just doesn’t find a niche. Isaiah was running the team, Marcus Thornton (29 MIN, 20 PTS, 9-16 FG, 3 REB) was providing the perimeter firepower, DeMarcus Cousins had his moments…and it just never seemed Tyreke found any place. What the Kings do long-term with Reke will be the perhaps the biggest question this summer.

COUSINS FRUSTRATED — Days after playing his calmest game of the season, DeMarcus Cousins reverted to wild against the Spurs. Angry from a perceived lack of calls, Cousins forced up some out of control shots in the lane, rather than just calmly making his move. DMC also picked up a number of ticky-tack fouls which knocked him out of the game after just 27 minutes. Still, the big man posted 18 points and nine boards while turning it over just one time.

TENACIOUS THORNTON — There’s absolutely nothing to dislike about Marcus Thornton’s game right now. The guy gives his all in every aspect of the game: offense, running the fast break, hitting the boards, hounding ball-handlers on defense. It looked like Thornton was done for the night after taking a late knee to the thigh, and the Kings media staff even pronounced him finished. But there he was, checking back into the game minutes later. Thornton’s effort has him on the fast track to becoming a team leader. We’ve seen him stick up for his teammates, and they no doubt see him busting his butt, even during the final weeks of a lost season.

OTHER OBSERVATIONS — Isaiah Thomas (30 MIN, 21 PTS, 6-11 FG, 8-9 FT, 8 AST) played the role of floor general, and really, the Kings only hope to win was with him on the floor. Could he overtake Kyrie Irving, who has missed nine straight games now, for ROY? … Eight dimes off the bench for Terrence Williams. This guy gets it … Manu Ginobili almost knocked out Thornton with a knee to the thigh, then slammed heads with Tyreke Evans while chasing on defense. And he scored 13 points in 17 minutes. One man wrecking crew.