As The Maloofs Turn – You’ve Embarrassed King Fans One Too Many Times


So, no deal huh? Is that right, George Maloof? That’s funny. Wasn’t there a deal already agreed upon? Because if I didn’t know better, I thought both Joe and Gavin proudly marched to center-court to announce that said deal. And if I didn’t know better, I thought you, George, said yourself that it was a “fair” deal. Now, I’m not the scholar you three are, but that sounds like somebody(s) were okay with said deal.

I know my Mom always told me to honor my word – I’m pretty positive George Maloof Jr. said the same thing to you as children, but apparently, you’ve forgotten what keeping your word means. Either you’re too stupid to understand the deal you agreed upon or your just greedy assholes. Matter of fact, you’re clearly both.

To put it bluntly, you’re out of your league as NBA owners. You’re allowing a man, who has bombed multiple large operations in both the Palms Casino and your family beer distribution to ruin yet another wonderful opportunity for your family. More than that, you’re allowing that said man to destroy a city – both emotionally and economically. Sacramento King fans are among the most loyal in the business – and I’m not talking just the NBA. Put King fans against any fan base throughout any of the four major American sports and the purple and black will be near the top. They’ve sold out year after year, poor record after poor record before you showed up. While they wanted a good on-court product, Sacramento was the Kings – the Kings were Sacramento. You’ve done your best to ruin it – and not only ruin it, but spit and stomp all over it before you’re done.

You’ve embarrassed a fan base and a city – a proud fan base and city. Your soap opera antics are childish and smell like booze drenched shirt you wore in your mugshot – ye of all great decision making.

King fans don’t deserve this. You can say you’re committed to the city and fans – we don’t believe it. We’ve given you so many chances to do right, yet, you continually avoid making the correct decision. Even then, we take you back – but this time, you’ve pulled one too many strings. You took that one extra step. Whatever kamikaze mission you decided upon, I hope it was worth it because you – and you alone – have ruined what was once a beautiful relationship between city, fans and owners.

You’ve become the enemy through no fault of ours as fans. We spend our every last dollar to go to your games, fully knowing the poor product you put on the floor. We as fans organize movements without the help or support of you to get things done that YOU couldn’t accomplish. We do all of your work – we pay so many of your bills. And you reward us how? You reward your employees, how? You reward the city, how?

Go ahead.

I’ll wait.