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Sacramento Kings Sit Quietly As NBA Trade Deadline Passes – Petrie To Blame?


Sure, there were rumors about Tyreke Evans being shopped but outside of the perfect deal, it wasn’t going to happen. And yes, there’s no doubt J.J. Hickson was dangled – but given his beyond sub-par season and the fact that he’s still just 23 years old, do you really want to sell him at a low price? You’d have been lucky to secure a low level first rounder (best case) all the while taking back a poor contract simply to get rid of something you don’t really need to move. In short, there wasn’t much for the Kings to do today – they essentially had one option going into this deadline: find the perfect trade.

Find it, they did not. Yes, fans are emotional and angry that the Kings, who many expected to have a much more impressive season then their current 14-29 struggle sat idle as the NBA trade deadline passed. And yes, the anger is understandable – fans just watched the Kings get shellacked by a team of backups who literally almost didn’t have enough players to field a team in Golden State and the Detroit Pistons, who prior to last evening had a grand total of three road wins on the year – all of this taking place in the comfy confines of Power Balance Pavilion.

But to that I say don’t curse Geoff Petrie, not for a lack of moves at this deadline. But curse him for the moves that made this a quiet deadline? Yes, you’re more than welcome to do so. I’ll happily hand out the pitchforks.

Nobody wanted the pieces the Kings had to trade – and of the small handful that were desired and available (namely potentially Evans and Hickson), they were only desired at their current bargain basement price-tag, something the Kings would have been absurd to even consider.

Travis Outlaw? He, per the amnesty rules, can’t be moved until July. John Salmons? Nobody wants that contract without giving up something as equally as dreadful. Francisco Garcia? No different than Salmons.

Geoff Petrie simply didn’t have any rounds in his pistol so instead of firing blanks, he opted to keep the gun hidden in his holster. Silly as it sounds for a team that has recently looked anything but, it was the smart move as there just weren’t any logical trades available that made sense for the Sacramento Kings.

Sometimes, no trades are better than bad trades.

Of course, he’s also the one who filled up the gun’s chamber with nails, sticks, rocks and sand instead of bullets that made for such a quiet deadline.

Hopefully he cleans those out before trying to fire that weapon come June in free agency/trades, or it just might blow up in his face.