The Unlikely Case Of Andre Iguodala As A Sacramento King


I’m not one who’s big on promoting trade ideas, mostly because there is almost nothing to them – just people having fun with one of the well known trade machines, but Alex Lee of (think the well respected came up with an intriguing idea this past week involving the Philadelphia 76ers and the Sacramento Kings.

With Philadelphia in need of a shooter, Lee suggests a potential swap of Kings gunner Marcus Thornton for the Sixers Andre Igoudala:

"How about a swap centered around Andre Iguodala and the recently signed Marcus Thornton?  Iguodala’s defensive prowess would fit nicely around offensive studs Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins in Sacramento  Meanwhile, Thornton’s scoring and three point shooting would be a good fit in Philly.  ESPN Trade Machine likes a straight up Iguodala-for-Thornton swap.  Doug Collins and Rod Thorn both love Iguodala,  so it is just speculation at this point, but it’s clear that Philadelphia needs to do something, whether this year or very soon, if they want to compete with the upper echelon of the Eastern Conference."

Lee makes mention that the trade wouldn’t be a bare bones swap of Thornton for Iguodala as that is too heavily one-sided in the Kings favor, but a bigger trade along the lines of Iggy, Jodie Meeks and the Sixers first rounder in exchange for Thornton, Jason Thompson (I’d rather Hickson) and Francisco Garcia could be something of interest to both sides, at least so says Lee.

For me – Iguodala is a bit of a question mark and always has been. I’m enamored with his abilities, but I question his fit – especially along side of Tyreke Evans. That said, he’s still a very unique talent and that’s difficult to pass up in any scenario.

In no way am I saying this has any legs – it’s simply a suggestion from Alex Lee, not even speculation – but it’s an interesting scenario to think about.

Philadelphia has a lot going for them right now and breaking that up is extremely questionable, but with the emergence of Evan Turner and the fact that Iggy is still due a considerable amount of cash along with some questioning their abilities to play together, it’s a fun idea to toy with.

What comes of it? Little to nothing, I’m sure, but stranger things have happened and this is what NBA trade deadline week is all about. So suck it up till Thursday, snowflakes.