Kings To Remain In Sacramento; Open New Arena In 2015


So King fans – what are you doing, say, October 31st, 2015? Hopefully making your way to the Kings home opener in the new Entertainment and Sports complex that was approved in a shocking 7-2 vote earlier this evening.

The vote, which went better than expected (five votes were needed for a passing) approved the funding plan to build the venue at the Downtown railyard site and while there is still much to get through before the first steel beam is erected, the anxiety – the worrying – the fear, it’s all gone. Your Sacramento Kings are staying your Sacramento Kings.

There are so many to thank – too many, actually. My keyboard would break and I’d be in the hospital with carpal tunnel if I tried to list just a fraction of those who deserve it – so to all who gave an effort, big or small, monetary or not – thank you, from myself, from all King fans. You did this, King fans. So many helped along the way, from Mayor Johnson to David Stern and many in-between, but YOU, the fans, started this grass roots movement. You started the fire that kept the Kings in Sacramento. This, is for you.

As somebody who doesn’t currently live in the area but grew up in the Central Valley, I understood the importance of the Kings in Sacramento. To see that dream being realized, especially after the ownership had a foot and a half out the door? I’m not sure I can even find a word that describes my joy. My joy for the city, for the team, for the franchise, most importantly, for the fans.

Sacramento King fans took their punches. Folks who wanted to see their city grow into a destination rather than a stop over bobbed and weaved. You all took shots to the chin – you were down on the mat, with Dick Bavetta ready to call the fight. But you showed the fight of a true champion and fought back – you never gave up. You showed what so many love about Sacramento. You showed what it means to be a Sacramentian. You showed why former players praise this city – this community – the people, the fans.

You made history – all of you. Think about that. You changed your city for the better. Be proud of yourself. You’ve earned it.

Congratulations, Sacramento.

And last but not least – Go Kings!