Sacramento King Fans Continue To Show Their Heart With Black Thursday


Unless the Sacramento Kings put together a spirited second half of the season and sneak their way into the playoffs, tomorrow evenings lone nationally televised game may prove to be the highlight of the season – and as always, King fans are united in making this one hell of a special night.

From the #HereWeTailgate initiative to fans clamoring TNT for the return of Chris Webber (who’ll be calling the game in the house that he built – much in part to King fans making their desires known, in my humble opinion), King fans are determined to show the world just how unique and rare their fandom is.

Ironically expected to be in attendance, in addition to well known names with Sacramento ties, is Oklahoma City Thunder owner and head of the NBA’s relocation committee, Clay Bennett. While there’s been no official confirmation of his inclusion in the festivities, it’s been rumored for quite some time that he’s expected to show up – and he’ll be given quite a show, if he does indeed follow through.

I can’t say enough about the fans determination (along with the Kings media department) to make #BlackThursday such a special night. Unlike prior #HereWeStay nights, where King fans held their hearts in their hands, tomorrow night is a celebration of what being a King fan is all about. That’s not meant as a slap in the face to any other fan of any other franchise (or a knock on previous #HereWeStay nights, which were fantastic by the way), but, being a King fan – hard as it might be – is a special situation that only can be understood by those who bleed purple and black. Cliche? Sure, but it’s beyond true. Yes, King fans are going to show the country how much they love and cherish their franchise, but they’re not going to do it with the fear of losing their team – at least not for one night, they wont.

So in short, King fans – thank you – every single one. Thank you for fighting. Thank you for showing the fans across the country what being a Sacramento King fan is all about. Not just the past few weeks, but since this all began. It’s impossible to go through all of the names who’ve put forth hours upon hours upon hours of hard work to make this a special night, but just know that your fellow fans couldn’t be more appreciative.

The fight certainly doesn’t stop here, but for one evening, Power Balance Pavilion returns to Arco Arena. It’s time to celebrate and show the world what King fans are made of.

Hope you’re ready, Thunder. I know 17,317 that are.