NBA Scout On Kings’ Jimmer Fredette: Don’t Know If He’s Even A Star


Utah Jazz play-by-play man and local radio host David Locke was recently talking to an un-named NBA scout who makes appearances on Locke’s local radio show. Locke made mention that the scout “saw 155 games last year, 175 nights in hotels” – I’m still trying to figure out exactly what that means (155 games in person, 175 nights watching games on the road? Or 155 games in person?), either way, Locke’s assumed point was that the “scout” watches plenty of games and supposedly knows his stuff. So, it came as a bit of a shock when the NBA talent evaluator hit Utah airwaves to say this:

"Scout on Jimmer “I like Jimmer, but I am not sure his spot, he is not a top level 1, he has talent, I don’t know if he is ever a star”"

Initially, as a King (or Jimmer fan), you’re on the defensive – but I’m not sure his comment is as bad as it sounds – except for the scout’s slap-chop answering style.

Scouts, solid as they are, holy grail of all-knowing they’re not. Much like fans, their opinions vary from person to person – so for every slightly negative comment towards Jimmer you come across, you can find an equally positive one praising Jimmer’s skills. And just like fans, although with less frequency, scouts strike out on their opinions as well – so assuming their speak is gospel, isn’t something you want to do.

As to his comment about Fredette, I’m not sure it’s saying anything many of us don’t feel – it’s just that the word “star” throws us into a tizzy.

Less than twenty games into his professional career (without any mini-camp and limited practice), it’s difficult to get much of a read on Jimmer. Like most other NBA rookies, his season has been filled with up’s and down’s – his on-court game similar to that of what many expected, sans a lower field goal percentage. The scout clearly sees Jimmer has talent which is obvious – but like many of us, he questions his spot on the floor in terms of his position. The scout also makes mention that he “doesn’t know if he’s ever a star” – again, nothing too shocking there. We obviously hope Jimmer will be, but, not becoming a star doesn’t mean you can’t have a lengthy, high quality NBA career (say like a Mike Bibby – and no, I’m not comparing ability/on floor games). Personally, despite the negative assumptions in the scout’s comment – I don’t think it was meant in that light. I think he, like most of us, hope that Jimmer can be something special – his talent level gives you that wishful feeling.

It’ll be a while before we figure out if the scout had this one pegged or not, but for now, Jimmer’s star continues to shine brightly.