Kendrick Perkins Tells Chris Webber To Get A Ring/Keep Name Out His Mouth


Ah. Nothing like a good old Twitter beef. It’s so, gangsta. I just pretend that every keyboard click is a busted cap. And if that’s that case, than the Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kendrick Perkins just pulled up in a clown car and let off a storm of plastic button fire on former King superstar, Chris Webber:

"and im tired of Chris Webber hatin on me get a ring first and then i can respect ya comments other wise keep my name out of ya mouth"

Yes. Nothing better than the “get a ring first, then you can talk” comment. Let me guess – did Kendrick grow up as a Laker fan, idolizing Shaq?

Perkins anger stems from Webber’s analysis of last nights game (saying the inside defense was poor) along with Webber making comments about Rudy Gay dunking on Perkins and commenting on the Russell Westbrook / Kevin Durant “rift” where Webber said he’d “do whatever it takes to keep Durant happy”, including moving Westbrook.

As for the actual comments, shockingly, Perkins took them out of context as there was no “hatin” going on but rather Webber doing his normal, excited (although opinionated) analysis of the game and situation, so I’d suggest Perkins spend more time in the post than “keepin it real” and “deletin the haters”.

On the plus side – I was glad to find out Perk was “on some real shyt” – so, thumbs up for that one.