DeMarcus Cousins Plays Santa Claus To Kids While Christmas Shopping


Kings big man DeMarcus Cousins has quite the reputation – one that isn’t seen in the most positive of light outside of Sacramento, Lexington and Mobile, Alabama. Unfortunately, most of those who frown upon Cousins do so for no reason other than to be followers – never taking the time or giving the effort to follow the player outside of an NBA arena.

Which brings me to some wonderful news via Sam Amick tonight, who tweeted the following:

"Sacto’s DeMarcus Cousins is no Scrooge after all – he buys a little guy an iPod while out on the town (not a team event) – The little guy in red, I’m told, went nuts when he saw Cousins, who asked what he wanted for Christmas and played the part of Santa himself."

As Amick points out, this was no team event nor were there any media there (just normal every day people with cell phones). Cousins was simply being the fun loving, good natured guy that he is, despite the uniformed telling you the opposite.

Did he have a few immature moments on-court last year? Sure. So did a large number of players across the league. Doesn’t change the fact that DeMarcus is one of the most down to earth, fun-loving, kind hearted guys in the league.

Proud to call him a member of the Sacramento Kings.