Watch Newest Sacramento King Chuck Hayes Abuse NBA Superstars


When rumors initially broke that the Sacramento Kings were interested in the Houston Rockets Chuck Hayes, groans rumbled the Valley floor. It wasn’t so much about Chuck himself – it was the fact that the Kings were spending their money on blue collar role players – not the All-Star talent many hoped for. Understandable, but don’t let your anger and irritation towards the lack of a Nene or Tyson Chandler alter your perception of just how talented and effective Chuck Hayes is, despite his 6’6 frame.

For so long we’ve all clamored for defense – some type of defense, any type of defense – please, just give us some defense.

Defense you say? Oh yeah. Hayes – he got that. Watch the Chuckwagon shut down an A-list of NBA Superstars on the defensive end below:

Hayes destroys Kevin Garnett after the jump among many others:

Hayes shuts down Amare Stoudemire:

Hayes stops Paul Pierce:

Hayes stops Andrew Bynum:

A mix of Hayes stuffing Blake Griffin, Dirk Nowitzki and many others:

And in case you don’t watch all of the videos – here are a few quick stats for you thanks to TheMikeSchmidtz:

  • Gave up 0.8 points per possession
  • Yielded a 38% opponent FG% against him (consider the talent he played against nightly)
  • Gave up an even stingier 0.74 points per possession in the post
  • Yielded an even more impressive 37% opponent FG% in the post

Have a problem with any of that? Didn’t think so. Enjoy what you’re about to watch for the 2011/2012 season and beyond – just don’t forget your popcorn.