Dallas Mavericks & Sacramento Kings Talking Samuel Dalmebert Trade


Yesterday afternoon when the Kings renounced the rights to Samuel Dalmbert, many of us were taken back – wondering why. Little did many of us know that Dalembert had a $20 million dollar cap hold on the Kings cap and renouncing him was a must to sign both Marcus Thornton and Chuck Hayes. Ah well, Dalembert was gone, right? No way the Kings would bring him back or even have a chance to trade him – or not.

According to ESPN’s Marc Stein, the Sacramento Kings and Dallas Mavericks are currently in talks for a unqiue sign and trade involving Samuel Dalembert:

"Mavs’ first swipe, I’m told, will be trying to do S-and-T w/Sacramento for Dalembert by using big trade exception from Tyson Chandler deal"

In Stein’s scenario, the Mavs would want the Kings to sign Dalembert to a large one year deal and trade him in exchange for the massive trade exception the Mavericks are set to receive from the New York Knicks in exchange for Tyson Chandler. Stein also mentions the possibility of a trade involving JJ Barea, who the Kings have been long interested in.

For the Kings, despite the fact that they renounced the rights to Dalembert, they would still be able to re-sign Sammy using their $16 million in current cap space, if they so inclined – and then move him to Dallas in the deal. By renouncing Dalmebert yesterday, the Kings lost their ability to give Sam more years and money than they currently could in a deal, but that doesn’t appear to be much concern for the Mavericks who apparently are only looking to give Dalembert a hefty, one year contract in the move.