Is David West The Free Agent Signing The Kings Really Need?


I admit it. I don’t like David West. I never have. That’s not to say I don’t think he’s a good player, he is, I just think Chris Paul enhanced that – their games meshed oh so well. I do think West would play fine away from Paul, maybe a little less effective, but still solid. All of that said, my issues have come more with West’s personality – he has that punk attitude, not so much in a J.R. Smith way, but more of a Kevin Garnett way.

Anyway, despite my displeasure with Mr. West, he tops (or sits near it) the 2011 free agent board and assuming their is an NBA season at some point, he stands to cash in. Many have speculated about West rocking the purple and black (assuming he actually cared to do so), most recently Hoopsworld’s Jason Fleming.

"Quite a few power forwards are available from the 2011 free agent class, headed by Hornets All-Star David West. Coming off knee surgery signing him may be a bit of a risk, but if he passes a physical there should be no reason why the Kings should hesitate to make him a serious offer. Both he and Cousins are capable of playing on the block and hitting a jumper, plus they can rebound and play a little defense. It would be a nice fit if the Kings can convince West this is the best place for him."

Fleming isn’t the only person who feels West and the Kings match-up well, though most thought of the idea before the Kings landed J.J. Hickson but question marks remain in that scenario as well. Hickson has made no secret of his desire to get paid and coming into the last year of his contract, one can assume somebody will overpay for a young forward who can score, be that the Kings or another squad. He’s far from a lock to stay in Sacramento after what hopefully will be the 2011-2012 campaign.

Jason Thompson, high motor and all, seems to capped himself out to what he’ll become in the NBA, a very solid rotation big – and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that but the Kings need more from a starter than Thompson can provide.

The money is there for West (again, assuming he wanted it) – but do you splurge on a 31 year old player with ACL issues? For me, sometimes the best move is the one you don’t make. How say you King fans?!