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Sacramento Kings 2011 Draft Rumor Thread


This will be updated throughout the day as rumors come in. Check back often for updates.

9:02 – Sacramento Kings select Isaiah Thomas with the 60th and final pick of the 2o11 NBA Draft

8:25 – Petrie’s glad to have Salmons back. And he might be the only one:

"John Salmons gives us a versatile SF that can score & defend a # of diff positions. We’re looking fwd to have him back."

7:58 – Kings/Bobcats/Bucks trade approved by NBA. Deal is official.

7:40 – Kings select UCLA forward Tyler Honeycutt with the 35th selection.

5:36 – Wojo says Kings coaching staff is unhappy with selection:

"The Sacramento coaching staff isn’t happy with the selection of Fredette, sources say. They wanted a veteran guard, ala Felton or Parker."

5:30 – Kings select Jimmer Fredette out of BYU with the 10th pick in the NBA Draft.

3:18 – Jazz trying to move infront of Kings now to draft Jimmer:

"VERY reliable source informs me the @Utah_Jazz are doing everything they can to move ahead of Sacramento in order to draft @jimmerfredette."

2:12 – Scott Howard Cooper, the King fan heartbreaker:

"Kings acquisitions were NOT to flip them into a deal with the Spurs, I am told."

2:03 – Many speculating that the Kings will ship both John Salmons and the #10 to San Antonino for Tony Parker and Richard Jefferson, but nothing solid currently…

2:00 – Final trade details:

"Charlotte receives the No. 7 overall pick and Corey Maggette, while the Bucks get Stephen Jackson, Beno Udrih, Shaun Livingston and the No. 19 pick. The Kings get the No. 10 pick plus John Salmons from the Bucks."

1:56 – Amick says rival executives expect Sacramento to draft Jimmer Fredette at #10 now:

"Rival teams now expect the Kings to take Jimmer Fredette at No. 10."

1:52 – According to Wojo, Salmons will be traded to Sacramento in the deal.

"Yes, the Kings do get John Salmons and the 10th pick, and ship Beno Udrih to the Bucks. Charlotte sends its 19th overall pick to Milwaukee."

1:39 – Wojo now reporting Salmons may not be in the deal. Clusterfuck.

"Here’s one thing I’m double checking again: Salmons’ inclusion in the deal. Hold tight. Getting conflicting info from sources on him."

1:33 – Trade details according to Ford.

"Deal: Bucks get Beno, Stephen Jackson 9 & 19. Bobcats get pick 7 & Maggette. Kings get 10 & John Salmons."

1:30 – Appears as though Beno Udrih will be moved to Milwaukee and the 10th pick will go to Sacramento:

"Hearing Bobcats-Bucks-Kings deal includes Bucks get Beno Udrih and the No. 9 and 19 picks Bobcats.Milwaukee’s 10th overall pick goes to the Kings, source says."

1:26 – Per Wojo, partial details of the deal:

"Bucks get Stephen Jackson, Shaun Livingston, sources say. Charlotte gets the 7th pick and Corey Maggette"

1:24 – Charlotte Observer reporting that the Bobcats will receive the Kings #7 pick and will ship out the #19 to either Milwaukee or Sacramento.

1:18 – Wojo is now reporting that the deal is a three-way trade involving the Sacramento Kings, Milwaukee Bucks and Charlotte Bobcats:

"Milwaukee has a three-way deal with Charlotte and Sacramento, sources say."

1:13 – Reports of a trade – Kings have traded the rights to the 7th pick to the Milwaukee Bucks according to multiple sources.

"Bucks appear to have deal with Sacamento for No. 7"


12:52 – Wojo reporting Kings trying to use leak of potential 7th pick trade to bait Spurs?

"There’s sense Kings could be leveraging Spurs with leak of possible deal in place for 7th pick. Kings don’t want Jefferson in Parker deal."

12:19 – Andy Katz reporting that Jimmer’s “team” doesn’t feel like the Kings will select him at #7:

"Fredette’s camp doesn’t believe he will go to Sacramento at No. 7."

11:58 – Amick reporting that the Kings are not in on any Iguodala deal:

"In case anyone wondered, I have been told the Kings are not in play for Andre Iguodala. He’s not what they believe they need."

11:55 – Wojo reporting Kings looking to make a deal – official says one is in place:

"Kings have made it privately clear that they expect to trade 7th pick, sources say. “They’re confident they have deal,” one official says."

11:11 – Wojo reporting that some cat and mouse taking place in top 10, Kings pick still in demand, may force Cleveland’s hand:

"Several teams believe the San Antonio Spurs’ desire to get the Sacramento Kings’ pick at No. 7 centers on a desire to draft Valanciunas as a future replacement for Tim Duncan, and now Cleveland must draft Valanciunas at the No. 4 spot, or risk losing him all together."

10:30 – Ken Berger says Kings split on Jimmer and Burks, but also moving the pick to Denver could still happen:

"The Kings are known to be split between Jimmer Fredette and Alec Burks. Execs aren’t sure who Denver is targeting, but it could be Burks of Colorado."

9:00 – Chad Ford mentions Cavs looking at Kings 7th pick:

"In that scenario, the Sacramento Kings and the Detroit Pistons look like the most intriguing potential partners. Would the Kings be willing to give up the No. 7 pick if the Cavs gave them Ramon Sessions and took back Francisco Garcia? The Kings are already under the salary cap, but Garcia has $12 million over two years on his contract, and Sacramento would love to move him."

8:45 – Sam Amick mentions Kings have looked into Monta Ellis along with Andre Miller. Looking to move pick?

"They have considered other options, among them Portland point guard Andre Miller and Golden State guard Monta Ellis. And with the way the situation sounded late Wednesday night, I would be surprised if Sacramento keeps the seventh pick."

8:09 – Chad Ford says Brandon Knight could still fall to Sacramento:

"The Raptors love Brandon Knight, but would they take Bismack Biyombo even if Knight is on the board at No. 5? I’m hearing it’s a real possibility.If Knight doesn’t go fifth, there’s almost no chance he gets past Sacramento at No. 7. If that’s the case, then Kemba Walker could be in for that Jimmer-Kemba showdown in Utah at No. 12."