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A Royal Pain Mock Draft


Bryan’s Mock Draft:

  • 1 – Cleveland: Kyrie Irving – Pick a mock, any mock, you’ll find the same man atop all of the boards. In a year without an agreeable number one pick, Irving has somehow defaulted himself into the position. Go figure.
  • 2 – Minnesota: Enes Kanter – After Wolves GM David Kahn drunk dialed the entire league looking to move their second pick, it’s become apparent that Derrick Williams doesn’t tickle his fancy, despite Williams’ self promotion of being the best player in the draft. I’m not a big fan of Kahn passing on Williams here as I think Williams’ ceiling is far greater than Kanter’s, but, I’m not a big fan of anything Kahn does. And I bet you feel the same way.
  • 3 – Utah: Derrick Williams – I imagine Kahn, chilling in his draft room, smugly as the Jazz sit stunned at what just fell into their lap. Unfortunately for them, they already have the most recent version of Derrick Williams, we call him Derrick Favors. With that said though, passing on Williams isn’t an option. The Jazz take the best player available over positional need. Draft first, questions later.
  • 4 – Cleveland: Jonas Valanciunas – Not the pick the Cavs were wishing for as they hoped Kanter fell to them at the fourth slot, but, no such luck. They take the best big (in their mind) available to pair with Irving.
  • 5 – Toronto: Brandon Knight – Quite possibly the easiest pick of the draft outside of Irving. Toronto fans are universally tired of Calderon running around the court with his Carebears attitude. Colangelo takes one of the higher upside players at a pretty reasonable rate, although, Knight will take a few years to mature on the court.
  • 6 – Washington: Jan Vesely – Essentially, a best player/best fit scenario. Nothing more, nothing less. Vesely should fit in well on the Wizards and fill a much needed void.
  • 7 – Sacramento: Jimmer Fredette – One of the toughest calls of the draft for me, not only because I’m a King fan but the options fit extremely well in my opinion. It was a tough call to pass on Leonard, but Fredette’s much needed range and marketability fit the Kings a little better than a hard nosed small forward.
  • 8 – Detroit: Bismack Biyombo – Ben Wallace Part Duex? Detroit hopes so. For a franchise that needs major re-building, a defensive anchor in the middle is a fantastic starting point. Worked kind of well before…
  • 9 – Charlotte: Kawhi Lenoard – Picking up Sacramento’s left over scraps, the Bobcats snag their Gerald Wallace replacement in Lenoard. A very nice value pick nine picks into the lotto.
  • 10 – Milwuakee: Klay Thompson – Pairing a shooter with Brandon Jennings. Who’d have thunk it?
  • 11 – Golden St: Alec Burks – Some thought Burks might have went earlier, recent fan vibes had Burks going as high as possibly seventh to Sacramento – but the Warriors become Burks homebase. It’s a bit of an odd fit with Curry, but Burks projects to be the BPA and can fill in with a possible Ellis deal.
  • 12 – Utah: Chris Singleton – Happy with the Williams selection, the folks in Utah can rightfully feel a bit disappointed by missing out on Jimmer. Filling in the potential small forward slot when AK departs will be the solid but unspectacular Florida State product. He’ll fit right in.
  • 13 – Phoenix: Kemba Walker – The free fall has finally stopped. Once thought a potential top 5 selection, the short but impressive UConn product takes over the reigns in the Valley of the Sun as Nash’s farewell tour begins.
  • 14 – Houston: Tristan Thompson – Rounding out the lotto, the Texas product stays in his alma-maters home state with hopes of solidifying an aging front line in Houston.

Scott’s Mock Draft:

1. Cleveland Cavaliers – Kyrie Irving, Guard, Duke
– The best player in the draft and the new face of a flailing franchise.
2. Minnesota Timberwolves – Derrick Williams, Forward, Arizona
– May not fill a need, but he’s the best available player and gives Kahn (gulp) another trade asset.
3. Utah Jazz – Brandon Knight, Guard, Kentucky
– Addition of promising Knight makes Devin Harris expendable for a scorer at the “2” or “3.”
4. Cleveland Cavaliers – Enes Kanter, Center, Turkey
– With Valanciunas’ sticky buyout, Kanter becomes the big man to target for the Cavs.
5. Toronto Raptors – Kawhi Leonard, Forward, San Diego State
– New coach Dwane Casey stressing defense, toughness; Leonard’s upside plus motor makes him a fit.
6. Washington Wizards – Jan Vesely, Forward, Czech Republic
– Wiz need a wing who can run the floor with John Wall: Enter Vesely.
7. Sacramento Kings – Kemba Walker, Guard, UConn
– So many ways to go, but Walker is leader at the point guard spot with tons of talent.
8. Detroit Pistons – Tristan Thompson, Forward, Texas
– Teams with Monroe in the Pistons frontcourt of the future. Now about the backcourt…
9. Charlotte Bobcats – Chris Singleton, Forward, Florida State
– A worthy pick, Singleton fills a need and brings much-needed defense to Charlotte.
10. Milwaukee Bucks – Jonas Valanciunas, Center, Lithuania
– Too much talent to pass up; Joins or replaces Andrew Bogut on the Bucks front line in a year.
11. Golden State Warriors – Klay Thompson, Guard, Washington State
– Versatile scorer off the bench with deadly shooting range.
12. Utah Jazz – Marcus Morris, Forward, Kansas
– A tough, solid all-around basketball player in the mold of former Jazz teams.
13. Phoenix Suns – Bismack Biyombo, Forward, Congo
– Biyombo’s offense won’t look so bad with Steve Nash setting him up.
14. Houston Rockets – Donatas Montiejunas, Forward, Lithuania
– Big man with loads of skill who will need new coach Kevin McHale to bring out the effort.