Kings Draft Profiles: Brandon Knight


Over the next two weeks, I’m going to be taking a look at all the possible choices for the Kings at #7, their strengths and weaknesses and how they’d fit in with the team. If I haven’t worn out my welcome by then, hopefully I’ll help cover the team during the season — if there is one (fingers crossed). Happy to be aboard.

Brandon Knight

Point Guard, 6’3″, 185 lbs.

Freshman, University of Kentucky

19 years old

10/11 Stats: 17.3 PPG (42.3% FG, 79.5% FT, 37.7% 3-PT), 4.2 APG, 4 RPG, 0.7 SPG, 3.2 TOPG

Strengths: Knight had a good season and then emerged in the  NCAA Tournament. His clutch shots to sink Princeton and #1 Ohio State  helped put him on the map. Lots to like about this kid. Right away, he’s  smart — a 4.3 GPA in high school and a reported 4.0 at Kentucky. And  it translates to the court…he can read the floor and make smart decisions, and this will only improve over time. Knight is an above average shooter out to the 3-point line. Smooth release on the jumper.  He excels off the dribble, and his size helps him get where he wants on the court. Very calm, stays under control.

Weaknesses: Knight is young and with youth comes turnovers. It’s nothing that can’t be corrected, but initially, he’ll need to improve. Same goes for his defense. Physically, the tools are there, but he’ll have to show a commitment on the defensive end and use his size to body smaller PG’s. He will also have to get stronger to improve his finishing at the basket against bigger NBA players.

How He’d Fit with the Kings: Any guard that is drafted will have to fight for PT. But for all the reasons we like Beno, Knight makes sense. Similar players in that both show strong mid-range games and boast a little size at the PG spot. Knight could learn a lot from Beno as a rookie. The question is, could an eventual backcourt of Knight/Evans work? I think it can because I think Knight can develop into a distributor. They can share ball-handling, both have size, both can get to the basket. In that system, you’d ideally have Marcus Thornton as 6th man, but he’d receive crunch time minutes. Knight/Thornton/Evans can play together the same way Beno/Thornton/Evans do.

Approval: Yes. I’m high on Knight. He creates a little logjam in our backcourt, but ultimately, his talent level would be too high to pass up at #7.

Where He Goes: I really think Utah takes him at #3 and tries to move Devin Harris (Portland for Rudy Fernandez or Roy?). After that,  Knight makes sense for Toronto at #5. Kings at #7 and Bobcats at #9  would also be landing spots.