Kings Dampen The Suns Sizzle – Continue To Trend Upwards

  • Donte. Oh Donte. How you could completely change the direction of this team with even a mild consistency. The flashes of an incredibly unique size and skill set are there – they just happen to appear every ten games or so. But damn, when Donte is clicking, it’s the equivalent of a basketball utopia. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the Kings are pushing 20-25 wins right now if Donte had any type of fluid consistency during the first half.
  • When did the Kings sign Shaq, circa 2002? Seriously, Samuel Dalembert is playing like a man possessed. Another fantastic game by the Haitian big man, which we’ve grown accustom to lately. You always get solid defense from Sammy, but the offense has been shocking. Yes, the trigger finger gets a little too happy at times, but he’s playing with a confidence level that could only be rivaled by his height. Not that long ago, Dalembert looked like trade bait – now he looks like the man to pair along side Cousins for the next couple seasons. But seriously, Sammy – leave the penetration to Beno and Reke, okay?
  • Rough night shooting the ball for Omri – rough night for Evans holding onto the ball – rough night for Beno all around – rough night for Jason Thompson’s slap happy self. Yet, the Kings won. As Brian Wilson would say, WIN!
  • Carl Landry was absolutely horrible in the first quarter and a half. And then he changed his shoes. And after that, I’m pretty sure he reincarnated to the Basketball Jesus. Seriously. He, Donte, and Sam I Am dominated from that point on.
  • I know loving Steve Nash it the popular thing to do, but my lord he has Tim Duncan syndrome. He complains after every fucking thing. Wasn’t that supposed to be removed from the league? Or are former MVP’s excluded?
  • Loved the ally-oop attempt in the final moments as the Kings were trying to run down the clock. /sarcasm – I don’t think that’s going to help the questions about your basketball IQ, Tyreke.
  • So Tyreke and Westy had their issue. So Donte and DeMarcus had their issue. So the wins aren’t very frequent, right now. One could reasonably assume things aren’t going all that well in the Kingdom lately had they not watched the games, but ever since the Kings went on their long Eastern road trip in the middle of January, they’ve been playing fantastic basketball considering the circumstances. In the last nine losses (excluding the Spurs blowout), the Kings have lost by an AVERAGE of 3.7 points and have beat the Suns, Lakers, Blazers (all on the road) and snapped the Hornets ten game winning streak in the process. If that doesn’t tickle your basketball weenus, then I’m not sure what would. Oh – and not at the table, Carlos.