Random Musings From The Celtics / Kings Hoedown

  • The term “moral victory” has become synonymous with the Kings in recent years – though, it’s been way overused. However, I’m fine with throwing last nights tilt into that bucket. The Kings were out-talented last night, and that’s fine – it’s going to happen. They weren’t out-hustled, they weren’t out-played, they weren’t out-scrapped and as a fan, you can’t ask for much more than that. Despite their shooting woes and sloppy ball handling (both of which can be somewhat credited to the stellar Boston defense) the Kings kept the game tight throughout and forced one of (if not the best) team in the league to beat them in the final minutes. So while the Kings didn’t get a notch in the win column, if there was ever a moral victory – tonight would be it.
  • Oh me oh my, if only Donte Greene could play consistently. I have no quills saying the Kings would be pushing 20-23 wins right now with a consistent effort from the Greene Man on a nightly basis.
  • Pooh Jeter is quietly turning into an urban legend. If he’s not one of your favorite players on this squad, you’ve already lost.
  • The Celtics tried all night to get into Cousins’ head and while it might have worked in the first half, DeMarcus had a pretty solid second half, finishing with a respectable 20/6 line. Kevin Garnett was displaying his usual antics, doing his best to piss off Cousins while Rajon Rondo got himself a technical for two hand pushing Cousins on the sideline during a dead ball.
  • Speaking of KG and Rondo, maybe it’s a bit of an unknown bias – but sweet Sally in a hay field, the C’s antics are just tired and silly. From their bully like ways to their showboating to their over the top antics, it’s absurd. It’s the last thing you’d expect from a team so full of veterans.
  • The crowd was great last night – a big up’s to the Kings marketing department for filling the place up, even though there were quite a few Celtic fans in attendance. For the King fans that were there, they did a fantastic job of rooting the guys on. It almost had a playoff vibe to it. Almost.
  • Despite the loss, the Kings are playing great as a cohesive unit. When the Kings went east for their long roadie, you could slowly see them developing into a team and it appeared to breakthrough last week in Portland. Ever since, the Kings have looked like a well oiled machine and while I wont say they’ve completely turned the corner yet – they’re swinging the wheel around.