A Few Niblets From The Kings Victory Over The Lakers

  • I really do hate to harp on Tyreke Evans – doing so seems to create some aura of praising the Anti-Christ, but good lord his decision making is just downright awful. I totally understand the brain-farts are aided by his desire to overcompensate for his injuries and a desire to do too much, but he really needs to slow down and think. Watching him stand at the top of the key for twelve seconds, dribbling the ball until it creates an indentation in the floor and then jacking up a contested 19 foot fadeaway is maddening. I’m not saying Tyreke shouldn’t get a pass such as DeMarcus Cousins would in this situation – he still is very young and is learning the game on the fly, but I’m more fearful of the regression on Reke’s part from what we saw last season. When Tyreke is passing the ball and getting into the offense early, the Kings do great…but watching the complete isolation, one on one style is about as painful as shoving a flagpole in my eye laced with toxic farts. Tyreke is a much smarter basketball player than he’s led on this year.
  • DeMarcus Cousins is the business. It’s scary yet exciting to think of how promising he really is. To have the skill set he does, at his size, and at his age – it’s an extremely rare thing. Is the personality a concern of mine? Maybe in the smallest of forms, but generally, not really. I’m much rather have to worry about his fire and passion than a lazy, uninterested player. Watching him last night against a pretty talented defender in Andrew Bynum was fun for anybody who rocks the purple and black. From a silky smooth jumper to spin moves in the paint, he was giving it to the Lakers in every orifice they had.
  • Speaking of giving it to the Lakers in their open orifices, I bring you Jewbacca – Omri Casspi. When Omri plays within himself, he’s a fine addition to any lineup and his ability to spread the floor finally gives the Kings a legit outside option that they didn’t have earlier this year during Westphal’s musical chairs phase. I also noticed before the game, the extended handshake (if you will) between Omri and Kobe Bryant. Casspi and Bryant exchanged their pleasantries a bit more than the majority of guys, so it was nice to see Omri get the respect of a player like Bryant. It was also fun to watch Casspi get under the skin of Bryant late in the fourth as the Lakers were in the midst of their potential comeback.
  • Turnovers were respectable (I’d still prefer to see a few less) and the free throw line continued to be a house of horrors, though two of the six misses came on behalf of Carl Landry who for whatever reasons has become allergic to his free throws this year.
  • Despite the lackluster record, the Kings are playing well. They’re still learning how to win (and it shows) but the Kings have a decent amount of talent. It’s nice to see the Kings put a competitive effort on the court nearly every night. Continue doing so and the wins will come…
  • For those of you in Southern California who are able to watch the Lakers on a nightly basis, I highly suggest that you take the time out to watch one of Fox Sports West’s “Lakers Courtside View” coverages. They only do it occasionally (how lucky was I last night it was versus the Kings?), last night marking their fifth telecast doing so in the last two seasons, but it’s really a special way to watch the game. They set up two boom camera’s from atop the floor and then have camera men inter-weaved on all sides of the court giving the viewer the experience as if they were sitting in a courtside seat and doing so from every section of the arena. There are no announcers – just the sights and sounds of the game action along with the PA announcer. It’s really a unique viewing experience and it’s sad more network’s don’t do the same thing.