Total Meltdown – Kings Suffer Worst Loss In History Of Losses, Like, Ever


I’ve seen a lot of weird things happen in professional sports. I’ve seen the San Francisco Giants, seven outs away from a World Series, choke away a 5 run lead. I’ve seen the Sacramento Kings crumble at the feet of the Los Angeles Lakers and Robert Horry. I saw the Cleveland Indians come back from 12 runs down versus the Seattle Mariners. And while the reward or historic element wasn’t as significant last night, you can chalk that one up there with the rest. That was something to be seen. Or un-seen, I should say.

If the Kings are good at anything this year, it’s inventing new, crippling ways to lose. Seriously. I can’t recall a team, in any sport, that continually lost in the ways the Kings have this year. It’s simply mind blowing. One of these nights, I’m fully expecting a 25 foot flying dragon to rip off the roof at Arco Arena, let out a puff of purple filled fire, melting the ball in mid-shot and upon his exit, his tail smacking Tyreke Evans’ ankles, ending his season. And the funniest thing? You totally expect that as well.

For those lucky soles who didn’t watch this travesty, well, consider yourself spared. I’m not even sure I can properly recap it without killing something extremely cute, like bunnies or Peja’s chest hair. The complete and utter loss of all fundamentals and execution by the Kings squad was inexcusable. Simply put, that’s what it was.

Carl Landry and Beno Udrih both get passes for the night as both played extremely well. DeMarcus Cousins continued to show improvement on both sides of the ball, despite his shooting woes, drawing multiple offensive fouls and rebounding the ball at a high rate. His poor attempt at mocking the Warriors though with a late “choke” sign though showed the immaturity that so many harp question about him. It was extremely stupid, and it was he (and other Kings) who ended up choking the game away in the most ironic of twists, but things like that (small as they are in all actuality) will only magnify his already poor and incorrect reputation.

Many will end up blaming Paul Westphal for this disaster, and while I don’t agree with the personal on the floor during the final play in regulation, it was clear that the players were at fault for the botched defense. For whatever reason, the Kings (up 3 with two seconds left) inexplicably decided to guard players in the paint. Was it a natural reaction? Possibly. But you have to be aware of the situation as well. You win the game if they get any basket inside the paint…let them have it. You wouldn’t think that would be so difficult – high school squad’s can do it. Why can’t the Kings?


I don’t want to know.