Earth To Tyreke Evans – Are You There?


Twenty-eight seconds left. Kings down three points. The Clippers inbound the ball out of a time out, a full twenty-four seconds left on the shot clock. You have two choices if you’re the Sacramento Kings. Either foul immediately or play defense and attempt to grab a rebound (assuming there is one) with about three or four seconds left on the shot clock. It’s simple. Anybody who’s played basketball at any level knows this. Not to mention, you just came out of a timeout – the instructions are crystal clear.

So what happens? Well, my little snowflakes…

Eric Gordon (the best free throw shooter on the floor for the Clippers) receives the inbound pass and sits in the top left of the court, never even putting a dribble on the ground, waiting for the clock to run down. The Kings all play defense. It’s clear, the Kings are going to allow the Clippers to run down the clock and attempt to grab the rebound. And then at about the 17 second mark, the Clippers only having about 13 left on the shot clock, Tyreke Evans unexpectedly reaches in to Gordon like Pablo Sandoval at an all you can eat buffet.

What the fuck.

What the fuck are you doing?

Did your brain turn off? You’re not that stupid. You can’t be that stupid. Can you?

I mean really, how can one explain that? You were just given instructions moments earlier. It’s clear what the plan was. I don’t get it. I can’t even come up with a semi solid explanation.

Tyreke is one hell of a talent, but, jesus christ in a pumpkin patch. What the hell.

One can only take so much stupidity.

As for the actual game, well, it was awful when the Kings got down 17 (again) to the Clippers. But then Pooh Jeter came in, sparked the Kings rally along with Omri Casspi, and the Kings stormed back…even grabbing a four point lead late in the fourth before it melted away. It was sealed by Evans bonehead play.

One last thing – I have to say, watching Jeter play is a welcome sight. The guy clearly understands hard work and dedication. He’s far from the most talented player on the hardwood but he gives his all every time he walks onto the court and it’s impossible to not respect his passion and fire. I always get a kick out of seeing the difference between guys like Jeter, who had to bust their balls to even get a potential 12th man role and silver spoon fed players who’ve had a golden ticket punched into the league for years.

Look, I know Tyreke is playing hurt. I respect him for that. I also understand he’s 20 years old and is prone to mistakes. But despite his sudden rush to glory (thanks to the Kings marketing department), he really needs to learn the game. And I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to Evans taking some time off to get his body right…it’s clear he’s not right. I love the guy, but, sometimes you have to take the purple tinted shades off.