Another game, another loss. Seems somewhat probable right now. In fai..."/>

Another game, another loss. Seems somewhat probable right now. In fai..."/>

Pistons Go Poop On The Kings


Another game, another loss. Seems somewhat probable right now.

In fairness, the Kings weren’t totally awful tonight and made a close game of it. So, if you’re a glass half full type of fan, I guess there was some promise to this evenings loss. I mean, it wasn’t anything like the previous home loss to the Timberwolves, but then again, any result looks better than the after effects of  jumping on a live grenade. Now, if you’re a glass half empty type fan (high five you sexy sombitch) like myself, well, a few cuss words probably fill your vocabulary and you’ll grit your teeth (assuming you have any left) at the continued losses to sub-par and very beatable teams, especially at home.

The Kings are a young team and they’re going to have their struggles. It’s the way of life. But it’s just something about the losses. The stupidity involved. The over thinking. The lack of effort at times. The Swiss cheese defensive effort. I thought my nightmares of Brad Miller’s marshmallow defense in the lane were over. Now they’re back. And worse. I keep having visions of Robert Horry doing to the Riverdance wearing elf shoes with jingle balls attached to the laces as he struts down the lane. Okay, maybe I’m lying. Or maybe I’m not….

What? We all have our kinks. Don’t judge me.

Anyway, as for the game…it was completely winnable, even though the Kings trailed most of the night. The Kings kept it relatively close throughout, but the Kings struggled to stop the Pistons on the defensive end…..even during the few short stints of solid man-to-man defense as the Piston players (mostly Prince and Hamilton) simply shot over the defenders. It was incredibly frustrating for me to watch, so I’m sure the Kings felt like giving both Hamilton and Prince a knee to the nuts as they strutted back up the court.

Speaking of knees to the nuts, Ben Gordon? Yeah. He deserved a nail and a hammer to his. I’m going to assume (because I can…) Gordon made a gesture towards the Kings bench that mildly resembled that of Garcia’s after a big shot. It wasn’t the same motion – but he did a little hop, skip, and a jump…then proceeded to make a circle around his eye and glare at the Kings bench. He then returned to the bench and was handed a note by the Pistons coaching staff reminding him he’s British and therefore he has no nuts and to stop acting like he’s relevant. Or so I heard. And please, no nasty e-mails my British friends. I only tease because I love.

On the Kings side of things, Carl Landry appeared to return from his vacation pf trying not to be good as he put up 19 and 8 on a very efficient 7 of 13. Tyreke Evans put up his usual 20, but failed to fill up the remainder of the stat sheet like we’re so accustom to. Beno Udrih had a solid game passing the ball with 9 assists (to only one turnover), but struggled to find his shot like most others, especially Omri Casspi and DeMarcus Cousins.

Casspi’s questionable shooting the last two games along with Cousins continued inability to keep his turnovers down have really hindered the Kings.

The shameful thing for the Kings is the timing of this craptastic streak. The Kings had an incredibly beneficial schedule to start the season, playing so many lower level teams and a handful of home games to start their November off on the right track. Unfortunately, they’ve ran off a five game losing streak with four of those at home. The sub par play would have been one thing when they went back East or headed off for the notorious Texas Triangle, but to lose the way they have, at home, to the teams they’ve played? Can’t do anything but shake your head or jump off a bridge. And yes, the Monday morning bridge jump is still scheduled for tomorrow. I was going to cancel it had they won tonight, but eh, it’s still planned. If you survive the jump, the wrist cutting meeting will take place shortly after Wednesday’s game.

The Kings have a few days off until they meet the Knicks and Nets, both in Sacramento – two winnable games….at least you’d like to think so. But being this is the Kings, um, yeah. They’ll finish up with New Orleans a week from tonight at home before they head to Utah and Los Angeles for their national Thanksgiving Day game.