So, this is about the 89th time Andres Nocioni has said he wants out ..."/>

So, this is about the 89th time Andres Nocioni has said he wants out ..."/>

Andres Nocioni Again Says He Wants A Trade


So, this is about the 89th time Andres Nocioni has said he wants out of Sacramento. And I’m sure it’ll be the 90th time that he was “misquoted” and “wants to really help the Kings win a championship and he loves Sacramento”.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I’m not sure if Nocioni knows this or not, but, *spoiler alert* – the Kings don’t want you either. Even worse news? And this is a trip, so, you might want to sit down for this Sir Noch – nobody else in the league does either. Boy, was that a doozy, amirite?

The article is written in Spanish which means I should be able to read it fluently after I spent two horrific years of my high school career sleeping through that shithole of a class. But, yeah – I was sleeping. Which Nocioni should be sympathetic towards being he usually sleepwalks most games. So, I’ll bow my ass down to the world wide leader in awesome – Google, and let it translate for you since I’m sure you slept through Spanish class too. But be warned, it’s a pretty rough translation.

"Where are you going to play the Chapu Nocioni? Forward hints. Intimated to the Kings and more like the style of play and life in Europe. And the family will be asked …Two days ago, the sports daily Marca reported that Chapu was very close to Real Madrid and yesterday, after Hedo Turkoglu said he did not want to stay in Toronto, there was a rumor that Nocioni could be involved in the trade for the Turkish …Andrés Olé contacted and while there is nothing concrete so far, the signs are not wrong direction, at least in Spain … “There is interest from Real and the Caja Laboral (ex Chapu Tau and equipment), but no offers, because it is forbidden. Only asked about my situation and informed of their wishes, “accepted the wing before entering his personal training in the Giant of the Avenue Stadium Independiente General Pico.The Santa Fe situation is: two years left on his contract in Sacramento (for a total of $ 13,500,000), which already said it wants to return. “To the Kings I said openly he would not stay. They answered that they agreed, they would try to transfer to a competitive team, first in the draft that comes in 15 days … I have to wait. Toronto What I know about you, not a bad option, but I will not talk about rumors, “Chapu analyzed.– But prefer to stay in the NBA or return to Europe? “I have no dramas returning to Europe. I would not mind, on the contrary I would say … I’ve been six years in the NBA and I was never a fan of playing there. It’s not like Luis (Scola) and Manu (Ginobili), who always dreamed of that. My dream has always been Europe and the NBA was just … So I would not mind returning.– What things look better in Europe than the NBA? “The style of play and would I like to have missed the competition this season … While in Chicago and fought for something, I was comfortable, but the last few months were very hard.– We also prefer the lifestyle? “Not a chance. It would be more comfortable, quieter …– What does the family? “Want to come back to me. In the NBA, I see little. When I go on tour, my wife and kids are left alone, they have no one … In Europe you travel and return in two days.– The incident that you had (Nder: arrestrado was driving under the influence of alcohol) would add you to return to Spain? -No. That was an isolated incident that will not happen again. In the U.S. went out four times and had the bad blood that the police just stop me …– What do you have to give back to Europe? “That has a good offer and I come to terms with the Kings. I should give some money for the release of a contract is guaranteed.If their desires …"

Sounds a bit much like a drunk uncle…., which ironically is how Noch plays basketball and drives. Drunk.