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Jim Gray To Replace Kayte Christensen On Broadcasts


Um, wtf? Chalk this up as blunder numero uno of the off-season.

According to media releases and Sactown Royalty, the Kings have decided to part ways with Kayte Christensen who served as the sideline reporter last season and on the pre-game show, House Party Live, the season before.

The replacement? Well, I’m glad you asked. Jim Gray. Yep. That Jim Gray. And to put a cap on the retardation, Gray will work 20 home games of the 2010-2011 season. I’d venture to ask, what’s the point? But, I don’t want to make too much sense since that’s not my specialty and things might start exploding if I keep it up.

Look, I understand Christensen wasn’t the best sideline reporter you’d ever find, but for christ’s sake, she was a converted WNBA basketball player. She was never a properly trained broadcaster and she more than held her own. She’s one of the sweetest and most kind hearted people you’ll ever come across, and more importantly? She has more knowledge of the sport than Jim Gray could ever imagine. Plus, having to watch the Kings the last few seasons made my eyes bleed. At least Kayte was one of the few things you could watch without pouring acid on your eyes.

Now I have to watch gargoyle and his four hair follicles prance around with Peaches for 20 games next season.