Rashad McCants Is An Asshole


Long story short. Rashad McCants is an asshole. He’s really not that good at basketball. He’s selfish. And he devotes all of his time on Twitter talking about skee-hoes, chickenheads, gold diggin hoes, and Hanson’s  mmmbop song (Okay, maybe I added the last one. That shit was catchy though).

Anyway, last night…Donte Greene, Jason Thompson, and Sean May were doing their normal tweeting on Twitter…when this actual conversation took place, via Sactown Royalty:

"Sean May (@BigMay42), 7:49 PM: Watching a little football steelers vs titiansJason Thompson (@jtthekid), 7:53 PM: At the monarchs game wit my boys @dontegreene n woo payne. Kickin it courtside. Trying to route on for the ladies. Wave to me if u c me!!Donte Greene (@dontegreene), 7:53 PM: at da monarchs game wit @jtthekid and woo. shout out 2 @quinnie20 c u in a few days boy. lolSean May, 8:13 PM: @jtthekid @DonteGreene damn yall ain’t wanna hit me and see if Big May wanted to come to da game! see how my teamates treat me yall!Rashad McCants (@RashadMcCants), 8:13 PM: @BigMay42 uh huh what i told ya"

Now, in all actuality, Donte Greene tweeted that he asked Sean May to come earlier, nullifying Rashad McCants existence.

McCants is sorta like herpes. Just when you think it finally goes away…

Not that I’d know.