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Sacramento Kings Top Trio Ranked 29th


Another day, another poop on the Kings article – this time coming from the usually positive

While I wont bore you with the extremely long read, this was the piece contributed about the Kings:

"29. Sacramento Kings: Kevin Martin, Tyreke Evans, and Spencer Hawes Kevin Martin has become one of the best scoring shooting guards in the NBA over the past few seasons and looks to have a very bright future ahead of him. He is one of the best scorers in the game but does not give you much else aside from that scoring.Tyreke Evans is a huge question mark heading into the season. He will most likely be given the starting point guard spot and look to lead the Kings. He is a dynamic athlete and has loads of potential but will he be able to step in immediately?Spencer Hawes is a versatile big man that can step outside and hit the jumper. He is going to have to improve his defense and all-around game to be more than an average center, though.The Sacramento Kings have some good young talent in Martin, Hawes, and Evans, but aside from Martin, none of them are proven players. How will these youngsters perform next season? That is up in the air."

Now, Tyreke Evans is a question mark without a doubt, but he’s also shown some serious promise for a 19 year old in the limited amount of time given. Hawes, who is 21 years old, put up 14 points and 8 boards a game after Brad Miller was traded to Chicago last season. How many other 21 year old centers do you know that put up 14/8? And of those, how many turned out to be quality players? Quick – I’ll help – a lot.

I understand the continued bashing of the Kings – they deserve it after last year. It was a horrible year. But, you mean to tell me you’d rather have Aaron Brooks, Trevor Ariza, and Luis Scola over Kevin Martin, Tyreke Evans, and Spencer Hawes? Michael Redd, Andrew Bogut, and Brandon Jennings? Gerald Wallace, Tyson Chandler, and Raymond Felton? Al Jefferson, Jonny Flynn, and Kevin Love? (okay, that one is questionable…two good starting foundations)…

Maybe I’m expecting too much out of Evans…but I don’t think so. You wanna blast the rest of the Kings roster as to the reason they sucked? Feel free…

But the Kings aren’t the worst team in the NBA because of their top players.