Remembering Ricky Berry


It almost seems like yesterday. I was only 5, almost 6 at the time and it was the first year I can really remember watching the Kings. My love of basketball started that year. I didn’t really understand much about wins or losses. I didn’t understand if the Kings were any good or poor…I just knew I liked what I saw. And then one late August day, 20 years ago today, I remember watching the news with my Grandparents and was struck by the news that Kings rookie Ricky Berry had taken his own life. I really didn’t understand it. I wasn’t even fully aware of what happened. I just watched the faces of my Grandparents grimace in horror as the news was ushered out to the greater Sacramento area.

It was just weeks before his 25th birthday and little was known as to why Berry took his own life. Past a suicide note and a known fight with his wife, answers are still vague and most likely always will be.

Tom Ziller and company also reflected on the short, but touching legacy Ricky Berry left in Sacramento and the comments are very much worth your time.

There is also a small piece on Ricky Berry at that is an ironic, yet, mildly chilling along with a very amazing piece written by Sacramento Bee columnist Joe Davidson, which you can find here.