Phenomenal Swag – Jason Williams Jersey


In what will be a Sacramento King version of Ball Don’t Lie’s Phenomenal Swag, I will be showing off a collection of Sacramento King gear (and odd memorabilia at times) that’s destined to make you the most swagged out balla on the face of yo block, ya heard?

Our first collection of phenomenal swag King gear will be a team issued, authentic home Sacramento Kings Jason Williams jersey. Finding a home authentic Kings jersey from the late 90’s or early 2000’s is nearly impossible, but to find an authentic Jason Williams rookie jersey is pretty much the equivalent of a life changing event.

This particular jersey was issued for only the 1998-1999 season (White Chocolate’s rookie year), as that was the only year that Starter was the manufacturer for the

Sacramento Kings. As Jason wasn’t as high profile as other rookies that year, which included Vince Carter, Antawn Jamison, Paul Pierce, etc, very few of these jerseys were ever manufactured and with limited internet capabilities, getting your hands on one of these authentic was nearly impossible.

I found this particular jersey while browsing on Ebay this morning. The starting price is $399.99, which a full 7 days on the auction. It wouldn’t shock me to see this jersey reach into the $500-600 dollar range easy – possibly more.

Yea. That’s some ABSURD phenomenal swag.

And yes, you can click the pictures to get them to display larger.