2009-2010 Kings Salaries

Kevin Martin9,680,17010,600,00511,519,84012,439,675
Kenny Thomas8,775,000
Andres Nocioni7,500,0007,000,0006,500,0006,000,000
Bobby Jackson
Beno Udrih6,031,8006,478,6006,925,4007,372,200
Ike Diogu3,946,875
Rashad McCants3,644,595
Spencer Hawes2,332,8002,974,3204,051,024
Francisco Garcia5,800,0005,500,0005,800,0006,100,0006,400,000
Jason Thompson2,035,9202,178,0003,001,2844,129,767
Sergio Rodriguez1,576,6962,338,240
Donte Greene870,000930,7001,679,9142,503,071
Tyreke Evans3,008,4003,234,1003,459,7004,376,5215,772,631
Omri Casspi972,5001,045,4001,118,3001,897,7552,761,234
Jon Brockman
Mikki Moore (waived)2,000,000
  • Yellow – BYC Player
  • Orange – Not Fully Guaranteed
  • Blue – Player Option
  • Gray – Team Option
  • Green – Qualifying Offer

Special Notes:

  • Mikki Moore’s 2009-10 is partially guaranteed for $2,000,000. He was waived on February 19th, 2009. He was picked up by the Boston Celtics which means the Kings will add his $2,000,000 onto their cap the 2009-2010 season.
  • All rookie contracts are based on the rookie salary scale. Jon Brockman not included due to possability of not making team out of training camp.
  • Only guaranteed contracts are reflected into the “totals”. No qualifying offers, team options, or player options are included until they are exercised.
  • The Kings are expected to have between 6.5-7.5 million in cap space assuming they do not re-sign Bobby Jackson, Ike Diogu, or Rashad McCants.