Feb 1, 2014; Memphis, TN, USA; Memphis Grizzlies guard Nick Calathes (12) defends against Milwaukee Bucks guard Brandon Knight (11) as Bucks center Larry Sanders (8) sets a pick at FedExForum. Memphis defeated Milwaukee 99-90. Mandatory Credit: Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Rumors: Sacramento Kings targeting Brandon Knight and Larry Sanders

With the 2014 NBA Draft a little over two weeks away, the trade talk is sizzling. Rumors around potential deals have become rampant. Not only are the Sacramento Kings tied to the Atlanta Hawks in a potential trade involving their 8th pick, they are also reportedly interested in a deal with the Milwaukee Bucks. A deal between the Kings and Bucks would likely include point guard Brandon Knight, whom they could have selected at 7 in the 2011 NBA Draft instead of trading back and selecting Jimmer Fredette at 10. The Kings would also target Larry Sanders in the deal. Even though Sanders inked a 4 year extension before last season with the Bucks, they are reportedly willing to move him.

Larry Sanders would be an ideal complement to Demarcus Cousins. Sanders is an athletic big who has tremendous shot blocking and rebounding capabilities. Sanders will come with questions however. He spent most of last season in street clothes battling injuries. He also has some off the court issues that could be an problem going forward. Brandon Knight is a point guard who brings the size at 6’3” the Kings seem to be looking for. Knight would also make it easier to let Isaiah Thomas leave in free agency.

ESPN NBA Draft expert Chad Ford addressed the trade in a recent chat. He explained the trade “would be a good deal for both teams — especially if the Bucks could get Ben McLemore as well.”

Brian (CA): You said the Kings had interest in Brandon Knight for the 8th pick, would that interest extend to Larry Sanders, considering he would be a perfect fit next to Big Cuz?

Chad Ford: Yes. The need a rim protector and Sanders is available. I think if they give up Knight and Sanders they’ll want more than just the 8th pick. But the Kings have enough assets to throw another player the Bucks way. Would be a good deal for both teams — especially if the Bucks could get Ben McLemore as well. They need young players they can build around. The Bucks will be active in trying to move up and get another pick and the Kings have been among the most active in trying to add a few vets to turn this team into a playoff contender next year. Sanders and Knight would probably do

I find it hard to believe the Kings would move both their 8th overall pick and Ben McLemore in this deal. The Kings do “have enough assets to throw another player the Bucks way.” according to Ford. They have expiring contracts of Derrick Williams, Travis Outlaw, and Reggie Evans to include in any deal. A deal involving the 8th pick and an expiring contract or two makes much more sense from the Kings side. A few teams are looking to acquire a draft pick inside the top 10 and if the Kings play their cards right they may be able to leverage a better deal than some expect.

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  • Falcon4me

    buck wouldn’t trade Larry sanders yet unless they gave up something more than the 8th pick.

    • Fless

      I’m guessing you aren’t a Bucks fan. The Bucks would trade Sanders for a 2nd round pick right now if they could.

      • notool

        Sanders has an elite defensive skill set. At the end of the day, you want a guy like Sanders on your team. Someone who likes Milwaukee and who cares about winning. I like Knight a lot–on someone else’s team. Great guy, great leader, just can’t see his way out of a paper bag as a point guard.

        • Fless

          I pretty much agree with you 100% notool. Unfortunately Sanders has a million dollar body and a ten cent head. When you account for all the off-court issues (getting hurt in a bar fight, publicized fights with teammates ie Ellis & Neal, leaving his dog tied out in bitter cold temperatures) along with his limited to no offensive skill set, and that terrible contract, I think the Bucks would be happy to unload him for anything somewhat reasonable.

  • basketball fan

    Kings get Knight for 8th but no more.

  • Tom

    I’d rather see Sanders gone than Knight. Sanders hasn’t shown that he can be reliable yet. Knight can be a leader!

  • javy

    i like Larry and Knight on the bucks, i don’t know off trading both of them.

  • yoou

    I would give up Sanders for anything, the dude is talented but he’s a problem, he’s a child.

  • tmers

    Bucks need to pull the trigger on this right now Sanders is morning but a cancer and won’t be much better than he is now and Knight is an opportunistic scorer and not a true point guard. I don’t know how he will handle nor being the star of this team. I would gladly take McLemore and an 8th in fact it would be a dream come true because you now have 3 top eight picks and Giannis (who experts are now saying should have gone 3rd overall last year) for the core of your rebuild. I love McLemore for his athleticism and think he has much to show. If we drafted Embiid and then took Gordon, Smart, or Vonleh we would have a group of guys with some of the most athleticism and potential in the league and they could grow together. And why stop there use the remaining picks and maybe another player and try to jump into the first round and ge one more first round quality pick.

  • dgroll1

    I wouldnt give up on Sanders yet!!! I think if we bring in a respectable coach, Sanders will respond. Also, we made Knight into a respectable player, baring defense and being a #1 PG, Im pretty happy with him. McLemore is interesting, but we have Mayo! Although, I dont think he fits (alos Ersan)… If I trade Sanders, Ersan goes too!!! I wanna see us go after a true PG!!! Maybe draft Exum or Smart… Then move Knight to #1 SG / #2 PG!!! Simply put Ersan and Mayo NEED to GO!!! I wonder if the Bucks would be interested in Mayo for #16 (then draft Ennis or Nappier) Also, Philly looking to trade T Young…. Offer Ersan and #2 (and possibly a 2nd for Young and #3, and still draft Parker!!! Then trade Young to LAL for #7 pick!!!!

    • Bmg514

      I am a sixers and have all the faith in the world in Sam Hinkie as our GM. Why would be not just trade Thad Young to the Lakers? Do you think our GM is 1. Dumb enough to watch that trade go down if we sent Thad to Milw 2. Hasn’t already tried to make that move himself.

      It’s wishful thinking on your part.

      As for the sixers. Sit back on draft night and watch the fireworks. Hinkie pulled off some shocking moves last year and I expect the same this season.

      My prediction is we end up with Wiggins. Our 10th pick we end up trading up to acquire a PF (I’m thinking Randle ends up sliding into the 8th pick range). Thad Young gets dealt and packaged with some 2nd rounders for another 1st rounder. I’m guessing we may end up with either Sacramentos pick or LA Lakers pick. A few 2nd rounders get moved for 1st round picks in next years draft and we take on some teams shitty contracts for future 1st rounders.

      Draft night will be wonderful in Philly two weeks from now!!!

  • Jameel

    Bucks are plain stupid if this trade happens. This is number 1 pick type trade. At least mayo, sanders or even illyosova, but knight? The best player on the team?

  • Christopher Rapport

    Bucks have been screwed in trades before, we have new ownership..it’s a new beginning. I say, and I think a few Bucks fans will agree with me, put your foot down and stand firm, this trade only happens if we get the 8th pick plus McLemore.

  • Truth928

    Sacramento Kings is a team run by chimps…they should just ask to play in the d league. They are a complete JOKE.