Oct 20, 2013; Portland, OR, USA; Portland Trail Blazers power forward Thomas Robinson (41) shoots against the Sacramento Kings in the second half at Moda Center. Mandatory Credit: Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

Sorry Thomas Robinson, but you're mad at the wrong people

Sunday night, Thomas Robinson of the Portland Trail Blazers took on the Sacramento Kings, a vastly different organization than the one who drafted him fifth overall in in the 2012 NBA Draft, who then traded him just months later.

But that didn’t stop Robinson from feeling slighted by his former team:

“It got to a point where I had to calm myself down before the game and remind myself that it’s just a game,” Thomas told CSNNW.com. “I just needed to relax and tell myself that it’s just business. It’s not personal. But at the end of the day, if I get the chance to go up against them, I’m not going to hesitate to give it to them.”

So, let me get this straight – it’s nothing personal, but he had to calm himself down before the game as he was too ramped up? Riggght.

Robinson’s ‘not personal’ thoughts continued:

“I use that trade and the negative articles that I got saved from last year where people were writing me off. I use that as motivation,” he said. “It’s all good, though. It’s not how fast you do your business, it’s how long.  And as long as I’m still here 10 years from now, I couldn’t care less what anybody thinks about my first year.”

For the most part, I don’t remember many (outside of a rogue few) who were happy with Thomas being traded. Yes, there were some people (namely Grant Napear) with a loud voice that were more than thrilled with the deal, but for the vast majority, it was disappointment. Disappointment that Robinson was traded, disappointed that the return was ‘only’ Patrick Patterson – and that’s nothing against Paterson, it’s just that you’d hope the value of a fifth pick, just a few months from being drafted would bring more in return.

But back to Robinson’s point that he felt he needed to prove something against the Kings. Geoff Petrie, the man who traded you, no longer works for the organization. The Maloofs, owners who essentially requested Petrie trade you as a last minute cash grab, have been replaced. Frankly put, you’re mad at the wrong people.

If you want to hold animosity, that’s fine, but hold it towards the right crowd. It wasn’t we the fans who wanted you traded. It wasn’t we the fans who pulled the trigger. And it’s not the current Kings organization that sent you packing. We were the unfortunite party who had to watch the promise of a talented player be traded away. You thankfully got away from an awful situation.

It was a marriage that didn’t work out due to a group of money hungry people who valued Robinson as an exchangeable cash asset, yet we as fans get blamed for that?

I like T-Rob. I know T-Rob has read the site plenty of times before, but he’s wrong on this one.

I understand players need motivation, but channel that into what the Maloofs did to you – not what Sacramento didn’t do to you.

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  • IDK02

    I agree with your article, Bryan.

  • blazing88

    “If you want to hold animosity, that’s fine, but hold it towards the
    right crowd. It wasn’t we the fans who wanted you traded. It wasn’t we
    the fans who pulled the trigger. And it’s not the current Kings
    organization that sent you packing.”

    Who said anything about being mad at the fans? You’re just putting inflammatory words in his mouth. It’s natural to harbor frustration toward an organization that didn’t give you a chance, even if the figureheads are different. AND he’s channeling it in a healthy way. He said he saved articles from his critics for motivation, not that he has a vendetta against the Sacramento fanbase. What’s the problem? Facing his former team motivates him like it does a lot of players, and he has a very reasonable chip on his shoulder.

    • aroyalpain

      What frustration is he harboring exactly? It’s a completely overhauled franchise, literally top to bottom. He’s harboring frustration towards a logo, then? Only thing left is a logo and fans. Coaches are gone. Executives are gone. Owners are gone.

      And there really weren’t any ‘critics’ outside of Grant and a few random fans (which there will always be). The fact he makes it sound like so many were against him is bologna.

      I don’t know many fan bases that are critical of their recent draft pick – if anything, they’re overly blind in favor of them.

      Be completely different if the old regime was still running things, but when literally the only holdover is the logo and fans, it’s going to come across as you’re crapping on the fan base, IMO.

  • John hooks

    We got the better end of the trade.Patterson is killing.And all these artivle was talking shot bout us letting trob go.lol

    • aroyalpain

      Patterson was no doubt more talented between the two at the time (and still is). Up in the air though (IMO) if he’ll continue to be more talented come a few more seasons. Certainly could’ve done a lot worse than Patterson though.

  • Fiti O

    T-Rob your more talented than all sac roster together ha !! Go Blazers

  • Flambe86

    t-rob had hands of stone. couldnt catch or hold onto a pass to save his life