Mar 19, 2013; Sacramento, CA, USA; Sacramento Kings point guard Jimmer Fredette (7) reacts after scoring a three pointer during the second quarter of the game against the Los Angeles Clippers at the Power Balance Pavilion. Mandatory Credit: Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Sacramento Kings 2012-13 Season Player Reviews: Jimmer Fredette

Few players felt the crunch of Keith Smart’s rotations more than that of Jimmer Fredette. From a handful of consecutive DNP’s to starting to more DNP’s, Fredette’s 2012-13 season could only be described as a yo-yo. Because of that, it was difficult to get much of a read on the former Cougar but we here at A Royal Pain did our best, which you’ll find below in our season review:


There were small improvements in Jimmer Fredette‘s game from his rookie to second year, but still, Jimmer’s sophomore campaign would have to be categorized as a disappointment. On the plus side, Fredette was a much more effective shooter, and that’s the one thing he has to provide to be of any use. Jimmer exhibited more confidence in his game and this translated into better results. Unfortunately, there were significant portions of the season in which you questioned whether Fredette belonged in the NBA. With the ball in his hands, Fredette was unable to get separation from defenders and frequently got caught in the air or in a crowd of defenders with nowhere to go. Defensively, Fredette was again a liability that opponents looked to take advantage of. For that reason, it was really hard to justify playing Fredette unless he was absolutely scorching with his shot. Now, there is a caveat. The argument could easily be made that Jimmer was never properly used. Fredette is a shooter, yet the Kings rarely set hard screens for him or made any attempt to free him up for open looks. Instead, Fredette was left to fend for himself, and he simply can’t create his own shot consistently at this stage in his career. A new coaching staff might do wonders for Fredette. Giving him easier defensive matchups and making him a priority on some offensive plays would be a great start. Nonetheless, it will be a crucial offseason for Fredette, who really needs to make strides in his overall game to earn a role with the Kings or any other team.


Despite being with the team for two seasons, Jimmer Fredette’s worth as a guard is still somewhat of a mystery. He appeared far more confident on the court this past season than he did in his rookie year. He is known primarily for his shooting skills from his college years where he was a scoring machine. That promise has yet to translate over into the NBA on any consistent basis. Last season he averaged .416 for his 3-point shooting percentage, but his defensive skills have lagged, keeping him from seeing more minutes. He continues to have a strong fan following, waiting to erupt when he drains a long ball. It is a lot of fun when that happens, as it can get the crowd going. Perhaps his best game last season was December 17, 2012 against Phoenix, where he played 23 minutes, scoring 22 points, including 3 out of 5 treys. A new head coach may view Fredette with fresh eyes and find ways to support his presence on the court. It remains to be seen whether he will have a long-term future in Sacramento.


Giving Jimmer Fredette much of a review for the 2012-13 season is difficult given what he dealt with from a playing time perspective. The floor time he did receive, I thought he played well, given my expectations of him. Maybe that says more of my expectations than it does of Fredette’s game, but I see a young player who is willing to learn and improve. Thankfully for Fredette, 2013-2014 should be a more productive year as head coach Keith Smart is not expected to be retained and his musical chair rotation wont continue to eat into Fredette’s floor time, assuming Fredette remains in Sacramento.

That said, I could see the former BYU product as a piece in an offseason trade as the new ownership attempts to rejuvenate the Kings’ roster, something that might be best for both parties. I still think Fredette has a role in the NBA and if he stays with the Kings, he’ll grow into it eventually, but I wouldn’t exactly be shocked if Fredette wasn’t a member of the Kings come the start of the 2013-14 season.

Either way, I wasn’t really disappointed or impressed with Fredette this past season – if anything, I was disappointed his minutes were yanked around so badly as I’d like to see what he could do with a stable rotation spot.

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  • mc tbone

    Bla. Bla bla Fredette will be fine with consistant min and a coach that will help him develop. Dude can shoot so let him shoot with out yanking him after a couple missed shots or a turnover, which is something IT or MT had to deal with. As for defense to say IT or MT are that much better hasn’t watched many game’s & seen them both get torched. A little team d would go a long way for all three guys. Jimmer does need work on his handle and overall quickness. With confidece and some work he will be fine as a back up pg.

  • BelieveInAmerica

    Are you people serious? For the first half of the season Fredette was lights-out, leading the team in PER. He faltered a little later on because he got hit with consecutive DNPs, but was still second on the team in PER, next to Tyreke.

    I watched nearly every game from start to finish and, given the uneven, miniscule minutes Fredette was on the court, he was still scoring like a madman during that time in almost every game he played. Coach Smart is a racist, he consistently forgave his black players for stupidity, letting them play for 40 minutes to throw up bricks, and would yank Fredette whenever he got hot.

    Everyone else saw this last season, why can’t you?

  • jaba166

    BIA, can’t agree with you more. Most of these writers and bloggers are just parroting what they’ve heard from others, to have something to say. Anyone who actually watched the Kings consistently and studied statistics would be overwhelmed by the “jaw-dropping” ridiculousness of Coach Smart. It was overwhelmingly obvious that he would deliberately and purposefully yank Fredette, or give him consecutive DNP’s whenever he started to get hot or in a rhythm. Why? Because he could not chance having a situation where he had no choice but to play Fredette because of how stupid he would look if he didn’t play him. He had an agenda to keep Jimmer down that was obvious to anyone who looked. While I suspect racism like you, I really cannot know if it was racism, or some other resaon. But, regardless of why, his actions can be judged, and they were blatantly discriminatory for reasons only he knows, although I think he also lies to himself sometimes. The reality is that Jimmer’s points per minute played, shooting %’s, +/- numbers beat most players on the team, and he especially should have earned the 6th man position over a lousy shooting and defending MT, who he beats in almost every category, but especially as just a decent team player. Also, Jimmer’s other statistics were comparable to many on the team. And the intangible, unmeasurable was that when Jimmer was on the court, the whole team played better, and his defense was as good or better than either IT or MT consistently.
    It would be nice to see Jimmer get off of this lousy team where none of these selfish ball-mongers (except IT) even attempts to help him get open looks, but he still ends up shooting well. But, most importantly, it’ll be soooo nice if we get to see Coach Smart go packing.

  • chad wiggins

    lol… a disappointment…. did u three watch the gauntlet that fredette had stacked against him… never does this player receive a simple swing pass when he’s wide open… every shot he attempted, seemed to come off the dribble, as well as off of his own creativity to get off a shot… thru 34 games he was #5 in the nba in Points per min… behind only mvp candidates KOBE, LEBRON, melo, and durant… 4 mvp candidates and jimmer. the other four all logged right around forty min a night… fredette 12 min…. he was top in three point % all year.. led the league in ft% for much of the year.. the only problem was he played for a coach (and i use coach very lightly) who seemed to literally hate his guts… it was like nothing i have ever seen… but one little 3 game stretch really sums it up.. kings were playing the bucks at milwalkee…. fredette had not seen the floor… with 3 min and 20 sec left in the fourth, and the kings down by 16. smart throws fredette into the mix for some mop up duty.. what transpired next was amazing… fredette went nuts… scoring 12 points in 3 min and sparking the kings on the floor with him…. he brought them all the way back, intentionally and perfectly missed a ft with 3 sec left, came right back to him, and he got it to evans for a wide open three at the buzzer which would have won the game…. he played flawless in those 3 min….. what happened next still blows my mind to this day… for the next two games, fredette never saw the floor…. smh…. i dont know what smarts reason is for not playing fredette.. i know one thing tho….. its not a basketball decision… fredette is sec on the kings team in the plus minus department as well…

  • Matthew Grace

    Fredette is the stone cold goods..A great passer with excellent court vision and an All Star court sense who can shoot it better than anyone on the planet as well as take his defenders off the dribble…Yet he had to endure 2 years of an Incompetent, Biased and Hateful coach…who repeatedly lied and lied and lied about why he wasn’t playing Fredette while he coached his team to another hapless joke of a season…How Keith ‘smart’ became an NBA head coach and STAYED an NBA head coach is a testament to the ignorance and stupidity that is the sports world today..Jimmer Fredette will become a huge star in this league as soon as he gets to play regular minutes…

  • BelieveInAmerica


    That Bucks game was a perfect example of what happened to Jimmer all season long. Jimmer would come in and rally the team back from 10+ points down on many occasions and then would end up sitting the rest of the game, or for the following games.

    What a sick joke this team was last season. Isaiah Thomas would play and play and play no matter what his performance was like. He would have jaw-droppingly terrible games, yet Smart would keep playing him. All the while I’m screaming at the tv, “PULL HIM OUT! PUT JIMMER IN!”.

    I’ve never seen something like it before, it was surreal. No coach is that stupid, even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while. At some point, even the stupidest coach says, “holy cow, Jimmer just saved our butts in the 2nd qtr, let’s play him again in the 4th”. But not Smart. No, this was clearly intentional.

    Is it jealousy of Jimmer’s fame? Is it a prejudice against his faith? His politics? His “good-guy”/humble demenor on a team of egomaniacs? Outright racism? All of the above? I have no idea. But I GUARANTEE you, it wasn’t due to his basketball skills. Jimmer’s potential is AT LEAST as good as JJ Reddick, and may become as good as Steph Curry, yet there is no way to ever know as long as he’s stuck on this excuse for a basketball team where’s he’s warming the bench every game.

    Come on, do you honestly believe that Isaiah Thomas is THAT much better than where he ended up in the draft (dead last)? Or is his fame simply the result of a prejudiced coach that wanted to pump up his black guard at the expense of the white one? Nobody can tell me that Jimmer would not be the one getting the end-of-season accolades had he been favored over IT. Nobody.

    But what pisses me off almost more than that, is these phony journalists (like above) playing stupid and/or dishonest just like coach Smart, bashing Jimmer with no real facts or context to defend it with. Jimmer has been slighted by the NBA and its journalists since the day he finished at BYU, perhaps for the same reasons as coach Smart.

  • J

    I can’t believe you 3!!! It’s like you never watched him play! Smart is so incompetent of a coach. If he would have just let Jimmer play a complete game, but that never happened. I too would scream at the TV. Even the commentators would scratch their heads and wonder out loud at time why Smart would yank Jimmer when he got hot.