Managing A Future Star In DeMarcus Cousins

Browsing around on the web this morning, I came across a piece in the Winchester Sun on Andrew Rogers, manager of the Kings own DeMarcus Cousins. Maybe it’s a bit odd to have a piece on a basketball players manager, but for anybody who knows DeMarcus – Andrew is pretty much his right hand man.

Rogers sat down with Keith Taylor of the Sun to talk basketball, DeMarcus and just the life of a manager – I personally thought it was a great read and loved some of the things DeMarcus said about the fans and community:

“I’ve made a lot of new friends and there are a lot of things to do,” he said. “There are a lot of big cities around you. It’s something new. It’s really nice being close to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Lake Tahoe and Las Vegas. Everything is so close. Sacramento has great fans and it’s a great community. They have given DeMarcus nothing but a lot of love. Fans are crazy about him with his personality and stuff. It’s kind of like UK basketball. Nothing will ever be close to UK basketball, but they are (also) crazy about the team. They get tons of support. He loves the people and the town.”

You can check out the Winchester Sun piece by clicking here and you can follow Rogers on Twitter here.

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