2002 Sacramento Kings To Be Featured In NBA 2K12 Video Game

A very cool side note to pass along from a tipster this morning – the Sacramento Kings will be getting some major love in the annual NBA 2K video game as the 2002 squad will be an unlockable team WITH a pre-order code.

Initial rumors broke that it was to be the 2000-2001 Kings team that would be featured in NBA2k12, but SimBaller (NBA 2K producer) from Operation Sports confirmed that it will be Bibby lead ’02 team who makes the game.

A pre-order bonus could be a hint at what that might entail. Preorders will receive codes for two classic teams for use in the game, the 1990-1991 Golden State Warriors of Chris Mullin, Tim Hardaway and Mitch Richmond, and the 2001-2002 Sacramento Kings of Chris Webber, Vlade Divac and Mike Bibby.

*updated for accuracy

Last year’s edition of NBA 2k did feature some classic teams as you played through scenarios, but, they were unplayable outside of those challenges – not this year.

Now you’ll have your chance to change the history book, well, at least virtually.

Which is just as good. Right?!!?

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