Sac Bee Says Kings Want In On Carmelo Anthony

According to Ailene Voisin of the Sacramento Bee, the Kings are going to be heavy players for Carmelo Anthony, assuming the Nuggets decide to move their star forward. Voisin doesn’t really point to any specifics as to why this could happen, other than the well known fact of the Maloof family wanting a “star”, but she seems very confident the Kings will make an all out push for the 26 year old, three time All-Star:

If and when the Denver Nuggets commit to a sign-and-trade for Carmelo Anthony, the Kings will thrust themselves into the conversation. Count on it.

That said, Joe and Gavin Maloof have been consistent about two things: (1) They are not interested in adding role players to eat up the salary cap space they’ve finally created; and (2) They are absolutely interested in a game-changer type of player, someone who puts fannies in the seats and affects the won-loss percentage, e.g., a Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony. You can be assured inquiries have been made and discussions will be ongoing.

As for me, I’m a bit torn on the overall subject of Melo. I’ve never been a huge Melo fan. He’s always reminded me of a video game player. He’ll always have fantastic looking stats, but, the on court game? Eh. He doesn’t do the little things you need your leader and your star to do. Granted, many other “stars” don’t either. But there is a level that separates All-Stars from great players and I don’t think Melo can or will ever achieve that platform. Now, in no way am I saying I want nothing to do with him, it just as always depends on the price tag.

I’m also a bit worried as to how he and Tyreke Evans would mesh as both of their games revolve around ball dominance, but, I guess that’s a nice problem worth having in a way.

If the Kings were somehow able to land Carmelo for some type of package involving Donte or Casspi along with Landry or Thompson and some extra change (future pick? Dalembert’s contract?) it’s certainly something you have to explore. He is a wonderful talent, despite his flaws.

I guess I just question if he’ll be able to push the Kings over the hump. There are simply too many questions that need to be addressed right now to know the answer. Will Tyreke continue to blossom into a year in, year out All-Star? Will DeMarcus Cousins emerge as a premier big man in the league? If so, it’s a deal you make without hesitation. But if not…you might get three years of low level playoff runs and then go through another bidding process when Anthony returns to free agency.

Geoff Petrie has one hell of a choice.

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