The Incompetence Of ESPN With The Sacramento Kings

Boy oh boy – if that doesn’t sound like a title written by a clown college graduate, I don’t know what would111!1!111!!!

In all seriousness though, ESPN’s Chad Ford (who as many of you know, I just [sarcasm]adore[/sarcam]) and John Hollinger teamed up to do a “NBA Future Power Ranking” list, which I was tipped off to by Aykis on Twitter. Now, you’re probably sitting at home or work wondering what exactly is an NBA Future Power Rankings list? Well, judging by their list, it’s obviously a very useful roll of toilet paper or even better – a snot rag.

At first glance, it’s not all that bad. They list the Kings twelfth. Okay, whether you agree with that or not, it’s respectable I guess. I mean, who am I to get all crazy with it on Hollinger’s mathematics when it comes to NBA teams? Because hey – when I think NBA Championships, I use math to determine who’ll win. Who doesn’t? I find it incredibly ironic because I actually use grammar and punctuation to determine my World Series winner every year. I’m thinking of using my 11th grade history book to determine the Super Bowl winner this year as well.

Now, there is one thing that stood out to me….this:

The Kings still have several negatives — a dinosaur of an arena, a tiny market, and a front office that has saddled the team with several bad deals — but two overwhelming positives have the Kings on the rise.

These guys are “experts”, right? At least, so we’re told. So, I guess I’m asking – where exactly are those several bad deals the Kings are currently involved with?

Need a look at the salaries? Take a gander…

I guess Chad and John are attempting to say Francisco Garcia and Beno Udrih are the “several bad deals”. I’m not really sure I agree. Beno Udrih, despite his cry baby attitude that he’s been known to have, is not overpaid. And if Cisco is anything like the player he was prior to the injury, the same can be said for him. Both players in any normal year (financially and having no injuries) would both command the MLE from a variety of teams – so overpaid, they are not. Bad deals, they are not. Maybe their deals don’t “fit” into what the Kings would like to do, but alas, there isn’t a team in the NBA without those type of deals. Combine that with the fact of the Kings currently having the lowest salary in the league and a 13 million dollar expiring contract on the books, it’s hard for me to see how the Kings have a front office that “saddled them with several bad contracts”.

But hey – I’m just a blogger – not an “expert”, so what do I know?!

*grabs history book and starts figuring out the Super Bowl matchup*

  • connor

    hes tlkin about past contracts that petrie has done, The kings always get into ba contract situations like kenny thomas, brad miller, kevin martin (injury plagued), Andres Nocioni, and i would say they overpayed for cisco and beno. Geoff Petrie doesnt seem to get great value in his contracts its not all his fault though not many free agents want to play in a small market like sacramento.

    • Bryan

      They said “the Kings STILL have several negatives”, insinuating, currently – and mentioned the contract situations.

      Kenny and Noch were products of trades, so, it’s hard to fault those – he didn’t give those contracts. As for Brad, well, would you have not re-signed Brad Miller when he was a free agent? I think most King fans would have flipped had the Kings let him walk…same with Martin.

      It’s all about market structure at the time, honestly. If he didn’t pay Brad or Kevin, somebody else would have. And at least statistically, Cisco and Beno are paid equal to their production….it’s just that Cisco’s looks extremely bad due to the injury.

      I’m not much of a Petrie apologist, but, I don’t think he’s done all that bad with contracts. He was damned if he did, damned if he didn’t really.

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