Post-Preseason Roster Battles

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Acy or Moreland?

As in, who has priority in Karl’s rotation? Quincy Acy or Eric Moreland?

Initially, the obvious choice seems to be Acy: He averaged more minutes per game this preseason than Moreland (20.2 to 15.6), his contract is guaranteed (Moreland’s isn’t), and he’s played alongside McLemore, Gay and Cousins — not to mention, NBA-level talent — for longer than Moreland has.

Then this preseason happened, during which Moreland averaged seven points per game to Acy’s two, 2.5 blocks to Acy’s 1.5, 7.5 rebounds to Quincy’s 2.5, and a 77.8 percent field goal percentage to Acy’s 25 precent FG%, per

But, akin to the dynamic involving Ben McLemore and James Anderson, Karl can’t operate off six lone preseason games in determining whether Quincy or Eric gets into the rotation. This NBA season will be Acy’s fourth, and Moreland’s second. Acy has played in at least 29 games each year, and Moreland has played in three. Total.

Also, Acy provides a jump shot, inconsistency aside, that Moreland cannot even attempt. Here’s the Kings’s tradeoff: rebounding and rim protection with Moreland, shooting and experience with Acy. Consider that Koufos’s skills render Moreland’s abilities somewhat redundant and, in Quincy Acy, you have your man.

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