Rumors: Kings, Pistons could revisit Josh Smith trade talks

Although the Sacramento Kings and Detroit Pistons were unable to come to an agreement prior to the NBA Draft that would have allegedly sent Derrick Williams and Jason Thompson to Motown in exchange for Josh Smith, it appears such a trade may not be as dead as previously thought.

On Tuesday, Alex Kennedy of Basketball Insiders hinted that the two teams could potentially rekindle their trade talks and point guard Isaiah Thomas could be part of a trade package to the Pistons in such a scenario given their already documented interest.

“The Kings were mentioned as a landing spot for Josh Smith just before the draft,” says Kennedy. “I know for a fact that the Kings and Pistons discussed a potential deal centered around Smith, so it’s definitely possible that those talks could start back up.”

That of course was rather vague, but it was a sentiment seemingly echoed on Wednesday by Zach Lowe of Grantland who suggested that not only could Thomas be a possibility in a sign-and-trade scenario for Josh Smith, but that Greg Monroe has all but requested the Pistons trade his teammate.

“Reading between the lines, a sign-and-trade involving Thomas and Josh Smith may be in the works, and multiple sources say Greg Monroe’s camp has made it known Monroe will sign the one-year qualifying offer if Smith remains on the roster,” says Lowe. “Monroe’s camp denies that, and that kind of empty threat is not atypical from top restricted free agents. It’s really their only form of leverage.”

Such a move would certainly lessen the blow of losing Isaiah Thomas, though, I’d venture to guess the vast majority of Kings fans would prefer to keep Thomas on the roster – even if it halts any chance to obtain Smith in a trade.

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