Kings’ JJ Hickson Contracts Foot In Mouth Disease

Credit: Kelley L Cox-US PRESSWIRE

It’s been said that there’s always something special about your first. For J.J. Hickson, that sentiment must ring true given the most recent comments about his former squad, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Per Sam Amico:

“After last year, I didn’t want to come to a situation like this. I wanted to rebuild (with the Cavs).”

Ah. Okay. This is where you insert said foot into said mouth.

But Hickson wasn’t done – continuing to shove his foot deeper:

“I think you can see it in my game. My minutes went down a lot. I’m not playing the minutes I want to play.”

Granted, Hickson’s minutes are down – quite a bit, actually. Unfortunately, what appears to be lost in translation is the fact that those who produce (unless your name is John Salmons) tend to get the most minutes. When you’re not producing at a consistent level, you’re pushed out of the rotation. Simple logic tells me, JJ, that you’re not performing at a consistent level and when/if you do so – you’ll “play the minutes you want to play”.

I like JJ as a person – but entitlement along with saying you didn’t want to “come to situation like this” isn’t going to endure you to the fans. Combine that with the fact that you’re universally viewed as a top five disappointment in the NBA for the first half of the 11′-12 season, well, sometimes, it’s best to just stay quiet.

That foot in mouth disease can be deadly.