Tyreke Evans Struggling With “Personal Issues”

Watching Tyreke Evans this year has been nothing short of frustrating. To see a player, so talented, so gifted, struggle in the way he has….is almost sad. And while Evans has been dealing with numerous injuries through the first third of the season, last night we were informed of some more pressing issues during Paul Westphal’s press conference.

Westphal informed members of the media that he spoke with Evans after the game and Evans informed him that he has been dealing with some “personal issues” that have been impacting his play. Westphal and Evans both declined to comment on the issues but it’s clearly weighing heavily on Evans mind and game.

Sometimes we as fans think of these athletes and even celebrities as robots. They’re expected to perform anyplace, any time, much like a robot.

Whatever these issues might be, we can only hope that Evans can fight through.