Jun 26, 2014; Brooklyn, NY, USA; Nik Stauskas (Michigan) shakes hands with NBA commissioner Adam Silver after being selected as the number eight overall pick to the Sacramento Kings in the 2014 NBA Draft at the Barclays Center. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Nik Stauskas is not the same player as Jimmer Fredette

First things first, let me be clear I’m not knocking former Sacramento Kings guard Jimmer Fredette. But in the minutes since Nik Stauskas was drafted by the Kings with the No. 8 pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, there have been an absurdly large amount of comparisons between the two players.

Such comparisons aren’t accurate however as Stauskas and Fredette, while both talented shooters, are nothing alike in game, size or skill set.

Yes, both have the ability to hit shots from 35 feet out with a shocking ease, but that’s where their comparable talents stop. First off, Stauskas is a completely different player off size alone. While Fredette checks in at a respectable 6’2, the former Michigan Wolverine cleared 6’6 and a half during the scouting combine (not to mention absurdly long arms that allow for easy shot release). That might not seem like a big difference, but it’s huge in the grand scheme of things. Nik Stauskas also has a bigger frame than Fredette as a rookie, checking in 10-15 pounds heavier (depending on the report you’re viewing) than the former BYU talent.

Neither player will ever be known for their skills on the defensive side of the ball, but Nik Stauskas brings with him a much larger arsenal of offensive weapons which include being one of the best ball handling two-guards in the draft (if not the best). That’s a welcome change from Fredette, who despite his best efforts looked rather lost with the ball in his hands and despite the occasional solid pass, turned the ball over too frequently.

Stauskas also brings with him a very good pick and roll game, something you don’t see out of shooting guards all that often and while not a freakish athlete by any stretch, can get up and play at the rim occasionally. Needless to say, he’s a much more complete player as a rookie than Fredette will likely ever be.

So yes, while both players are known for their shooting skills, you’ll quickly see that the two players share little else in common.

If anything, Stauskas is the player so many wanted Fredette to be.

Whether or not that’s what you wanted on the Kings roster is a different story, but as far as the comparisons between the two, they’re nothing alike.

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  • wyocard

    The author is correct. Staukas is no Jimmer Fredette.

  • A Problem

    I think that your opinion is too biased. You give multiple points where Stauskas is better than Fredette, but you fail to recognize Jimmer’s talents. Your claim that both players can shoot accurately from 35 feet out falls short. Short about seven feet or so, actually, as Stauskas cannot shoot with the same range that Jimmer can. In fact, consistently, no one can. On top of that, though Stauskas has some serious in the paint talent, he will never have a runner quite like the one Jimmer acquired after his first NBA season.

  • Truth928

    Ha HA hA Bryan Rose .. You know NOTHING about Jimmer Fredette.
    Watch this highlight reel (as well as scores of others)on You Tube.and see Fredette EMBARRASS NBA defenders and prove you Completely Wrong..As video tape is NOT opinionated—-”Jimmer Fredette Kings Offensive highlights” .
    Fredette is an Offensive Juggernaut who drives to the rim with ease, Throws Great passes, is a team first guy, had a Genius Basketball IQ and shoots the ball Better than anyone on the Planet,

    Sacdemento Kings =THE WORST ORGANIZATION IN SPORTS HISTORY…despite the fact they got rid of The WORST NBA coach in HISTORY. Keith “not so”smart…

    Ranadive is clueless, D’allesandro is Incompetent. and Malone is a Lying deceptive guy who is a poor head coach
    The kings are “building their team around Demarcus Cousins…Enough said. :0

    Hope Stauskas can get out quick he seems like a talented young man..

    • John hooks

      Your mad cause kings took your favorite player hu nik fan boy.lol.its ok.at least you can still watch him pop 3 all day up your moms pussy in a kings jersey.lol.oh and watch cousins monster his way inside your moms mouth.lol.peace nik fan boy.Sorry you couldn’t get nik.

      • Truth928

        Joanne Hooks….:) You poor guy. Im going to take up a collection on your behalf (Im going to use some big words..Just ask your parole officer or your boss at “MickeyD’s” what these words mean) to have you sent back to the Zoo with the other animals..Your level of ignorance is Amusing :)…Most likely you are a coward as well.

    • JJames81

      Wait…did you just say a guy who averages for his career. 6.9 points a game and 1.5 apg a offensive juggernaut?…

      • Cpt. Blitz

        @JJames81 – If you averaged his stats for full minutes played they convert wonderfully. He’s not a juggernaut of the league, you’re right. But I’m sure that if he was at a starting position we’d see production out of him.

        On a side note, we are all basing Stauskas’ performance off his college career right? If we were comparing college careers, this guy doesn’t come close to Jimmer, at all.

        @John hooks – I’m not even going to acknowledge a comment like that, happy trolling, sir.

      • Truth928

        Yes . I did , Fredette averages 25.2 points per 48 minutes . Thats better than Derrick Rose, Kemba Wlker,Michael Carter Williams, Dj Augustine, Deron Williams.
        Fredette also shot a Scalding 47% + from behind the arc ..Better than Korver, Bellimielli, Ray Allan, Lebron James and Durant.
        He also shot over 90% from the FT line.
        Fredette only gets better every year.

        DO you have any other questions?

        look at this video on you tube “Jimmer Fredette Kings Offensive Highlights” for an education.

  • Cpt. Blitz

    Jimmer is better offensively from what I’ve seen on highlights. You question Jimmer’s ball handling skills? Did you watch him play once and have 1 turnover or something? He’s an exceptional ballhandler. While not being a Kings fan I still think this guy will help your team, but do not try and play him out to be better than Fredette. Totally different styles of play. Jimmer still needs a coach that will give him the reigns, the kid can Ball. Remember all the things said about Jimmer out of College. Durrant calling him the “Best scorer in the world”, everyone knew he could ball and his numbers never lied. Then put him on a less than mediocre team and bench his butt to extinguish that confidence… yet he’s still had one of the most positive attitudes out there, ask any of his teamates. Noah loves him “He works harder than anyone”. It’s so funny how every writer is currently trying to appease the Kings by telling them that Stauskis won’t suck like Jimmer: harsh statements. Jimmer is a Classy player, hope he’s signed this year by a team that will fully use his potential.

    • DrewNusser

      As a Spurs fan, I’m hoping it’s in San Antonio! Could you imagine his shooting on the best team in the league at getting open 3s? He shot 89% from the corners last year – that would be amazing! Now that Patty Mills has shown his worth, I bet someone offers him a nice contract. Jimmer would fill in nicely, and his extra height would also be good because he could play SG alongside Tony.

    • MrAndrews

      I love Jimmer, but he’s a terrible ball handler! In fact, it was never his defense that was the problem, it was his ball handling skills. What does a team do with a point guard that can’t bring the ball up the floor under pressure? The Kings were forced to play him situationally at both guard spots when the matchups were favorable for him, but against most lineups he either got killed in matchups against larger two’s or couldn’t handle the ball pressure playing the point.

      • Truth928

        what are you talking about Fredette has great handles???

        • MrAndrews

          It was commonly known that Jimmer couldn’t bring the ball up the court under any kind of pressure. The Kings would sometimes have a hard time setting up their offense when Jimmer was playing point, because instead of going down and establishing a position, one of the bigs always had to stay in the backcourt to set up a screen for Jimmer to escape pressure. Every team has to do this sometimes when opposing teams double team the ball in the backcourt or something like that, but Jimmer usually had trouble advancing the ball against a single defender. It was a real problem in terms of his teammates being able to hustle down court and set up. It’s the reason IT got the nod over Jimmer.

  • Rick

    Fredette’s career average for turnovers per game is 1.0. If Nik Stauskas can do better than that then the writer may be on to something. Something.

  • jespy

    Your right they are not the same player Jimmer schooled NBA Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard for 3 yrs. He couldnt defend jimer and needed 2 other teamates to TRY to stop Jimmer while Jimmer would go off for 40 creating his own shot off the dribble through all of SDSU defenders.He made Kawhi who is a great talent look stupid. So your right they are not the same Jimmer is better, just not as tall. He will prove it when he is given minutes and trust.

  • the problem

    you should not be on here talking about sports. you clearly know nothing about jimmer and have never thoroughly watched him play

  • CelticRon

    I never saw Stauskas play, so I can not comment on his skill verses Jimmer, but I can comment on how much we will see out of him playing in Sac Town. We won’t see much of him. This town drafts guard after guard and then plays the wrong ones and sits th ones that can produce offense for them. Jimmer was lucky that Sac Toen let himgo last year, hopefully we will sign with another team that will know how to use him. Stushas should start praying now that SacTown will trade him to another team.

  • Dan

    How does weighing 10-15 more pounds, yet being 4 inches taller, mean he has a bigger frame? Each inch is equivalent to about 6 to 7 lbs, so Stauskas should actually be about 22-28 lbs heavier if they had the same frame. Stauskas’ frame actually looks kind of skinny to me. I think the author is reaching a bit. I think Stauskas will be good if he actually gets the ball.