Nov 27, 2013; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Denver Nuggets guard Andre Miller (24) calls a play during the second quarter against the Minnesota Timberwolves at Target Center. Mandatory Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Trade Rumors: Kings offer Fredette or Thornton for Andre Miller

It’s been said the Sacramento Kings are ‘swinging for the fences’ in regards to potential trades and while the acquisition of Denver Nuggets point guard Andre Miller wouldn’t be a home run by any stretch, it would certainly be a solid double.

That’s why the Kings have been so persistent in their attempts to acquire the aging veteran and according to Ken Berger of CBS Sports, have offered up either Marcus Thornton or Jimmer Fredette in exchange for Miller:

The Kings have offered Marcus Thornton and a future second-round pick as the framework of a deal for Miller, and have presented a package including Jimmer Fredette and a future second as an alternative, two people familiar with the scenarios said Wednesday. Those people familiar with the terms of those offers did not know the third scenario presented by Sacramento, but executives gathered here for the D-League Showcase surmised that it likely involves forward Jason Thompson.

Berger also goes on to suggest that executives at the NBA’s development league event believe the Kings are attempting to showcase Thornton, thus his recent start and increase in playing time.

Contractually, Miller is due $5 million dollars this season and comes with a non-guaranteed $4.6 million dollar contract for the 2014-15 season.

Thornton meanwhile is due just over $8 million this season with a fully guaranteed $8,575,000 for the 2014-15 season. Jimmer Fredette’s contract expires at season end and would require a second player in a deal to meet the NBA’s salary requirements for a trade.

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  • Truth928

    Fredette is 5th in the NBA in 3pt % first in Free Throw %.. I believe he will lead the NBA in 3pt % by the end of the year…

    He scored 15 points in a quarter against the Sixers two games ago. He is a deadly offensive force and his defense is now north of solid. He is a great passer and a team first guy with a great attitude. Unfortunately he has been involved with the Worst “organization” in sports for 2 1/2 years and they have simply abused him repeatedly.

    If a coach were to give him 30 to 40 minutes a game on a consistent basis he would be an All Star and put up BYU numbers again.

    • Ryan Silva

      Sorry but Jimmer is out of excuses. First it was the coach, now it’s the orginization. (Which is completely different) but hey Jimmer fans have never been much for reality, so enjoy your dreams. I like Jimmer, but you BYU holdovers are the worst thing for carrer. Seriously

    • KingsGuy911

      Just for your information Jimmer is ranked 22nd in 3pt%. Let me read you some names ahead of him: Jonas Jebreko, Jose Calderon, Matt Bonner, Keith Bogans, Kendall Marshall, Tony Mitchel, Marco Belinelli, James Jones, Jon Leuer. Yes a lot of those guys aren’t technically eligible for the title because they haven’t taken enough 3 pointers, but Jimmer wasn’t either! If we wanted to take random statistics from a small sample size like jimmer fans, then Marcin Gortat is the best three point shooter of all time because he is shooting 100% with one three pointer made! Oh yah, none of those guys will ever bee all stars, the thought of Jimmer becoming one anytime soon is laughable.

      • Snowman14

        he is actually 5th in 3rd… sorry bro… look it up

        he has .448 and thats good enough to be tied for 5th with Lilliard…not sure where you are looking at him at 22nd???? maybe career percentage… look it up on the link… they don’t list him because he doesn’t have as many attempts…..

        • Royaler

          .448 is actually good for 23rd according tp your link and all the players he named ahead of him were correct.

    • John hooks

      Lol.i take it you just look at stats and don’t watch him play.he can barely create for himself and a defensive some home work before you is different from elementary ok.

  • KingsGuy911

    Anybody watching the Kings would admit that Jimmer has struggled and it looks like he will never live up to his hype coming out of college. With that being said, he is a decent player with a growing knowledge of the game. The most annoying thing about him isn’t his game, which can be good and bad at times, but his extremely loyal followers. I’ve never seen fans so blindly loyal to one player, fans that refuse to believe he does anything wrong but blame the Kings organization. The truth is he is just a mediocre player that can’t even beat out Marcus Thornton, who is playing embarrassingly terrible, for time on the court. At one point I might have blamed the organization for his shortcomings, but that time has passed. The new ownership is dedicated to making this team better, that much is clear. It’s time Jimmer fans look at statistics other that 3pt % and actually watch him in a game.

  • Kilroy

    I sure hope Denver takes Jimmer so he can then RAIN DOWN excuses on them.

    • John hooks

      I guess you haven’t even watch jimmer play in the NBA yet.Watch him play a game.You can cleArly see that he struggles a lot.defensively esply.

      • Kilroy

        Holy smoke partner, “Jimmer Sucks”. Got it?