Dec 29, 2013; San Antonio, TX, USA; Sacramento Kings guard Isaiah Thomas (22) moves the ball against the defense of San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker (behind) during the first half at the AT

Isaiah Thomas calls report of locker room frustration “Nothing”

Kings starting point guard Isaiah Thomas took to Twitter on Sunday, calling a story on the Sacramento locker room turmoil “nothing” and claiming the Kings locker room was good.

After an anonymously authored story on pinned tensions within the Kings team on Thomas—calling him the “lightning rod in this situation”, Thomas responded.

While a story of this nature is bound to generate reads given the Kings struggles of late, it’s nearly impossible to take seriously. The story sites frustration from Kings players on Thomas’ “reluctance to share the ball”, which seems out of place considering Thomas is averaging 7.8 assists per game as a starter this season. He’s also averaging 21.8 points on 47.7% shooting since taking over the starting job 14 games ago. It’s also hard to fathom Thomas—who has been nothing but a fan favorite since his rookie year thanks to his effort and team-first attitude—as a problem in any locker room.

It’s anyone’s guess at this point what is happening in the Kings locker room (which Thomas again says is GOOD cap locks), but an anonymously authored story seems a unreliable place to get rumors from, especially when the target is a completely unlikely one to begin with.

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  • David Echard

    I wouldn’t exactly call Carmichael Dave completely anonymous. He’s been very much involved with the Kings organization for years. IT is a great scorer, no doubt. Outside of that: He does not make the team any better in the most important category: Wins-Losses.He puts up great numbers on consistently one of the worst teams in the league, he does not make anyone else around him better, and the majority of Pgs in the league score at ease on IT. That’s what truly separates him from any Elite category.

    • Bryant

      The article itself wasn’t from Carmicheal Dave, the article was citing him for saying there was drama in the locker room. The anonymous author was the one citing IT as the problem, Dave never said who was the problem.