Nov 19, 2013; Sacramento, CA, USA; Phoenix Suns shooting guard Goran Dragic (1) after being called for a foul against the Sacramento Kings during the fourth quarter at Sleep Train Arena. The Sacramento Kings defeated the Phoenix Suns 107-104. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Trade Rumors: How real is Kings interest in Suns point guard Goran Dragic?

The Sacramento Kings certainly need a backup point guard – there’s no doubt about that. Jimmer Fredette (while I believe he has a role, it’s not as a one guard) isn’t going to work. Marcus Thornton? Maybe only in an emergency situation. Ray McCallum? Possibly down the road. Clearly, the Kings need somebody to run the point off the bench, which is likely why ESPN’s Chad Ford hinted the Kings have trade interest in Phoenix Suns point guard Goran Dragic:

Not sure the Suns front office knows what to make of all of this. The plan was to tank. They thought they were fielding a roster that couldn’t win. It’s not like they are playing a bunch of savvy veterans. Eric Bledsoe is a big part of their future, so he’s staying. Think everyone else on the team is available. Dragic is the most likely to go. Here the Kings have some interest there.

While I wouldn’t doubt some potential interest from the Kings, there’s a few things that would raise an eyebrow here. First? Ford’s trade rumors are about as accurate as a 27-footer from John Salmons. Second, Dragic isn’t exactly ‘backup’ material. Now, are the Kings looking at Dragic as a starting point guard? Anything is possible, I guess, though I’m not sure how one would yank that role from Isaiah Thomas. Third? What exactly do the Kings have that Phoenix would want, especially being in the same division? Dragic isn’t coming cheaply and the Kings don’t have a ton of valuable pieces they’d be willing to move. Would they trade Marcus Thornton or Jason Thompson for Dragic? You’d certainly think so, but that doesn’t seem to make a ton of sense for Phoenix – especially given Dragic is signed through the 2014-15 season with a player option in 2015-16 – both for $7.5 million dollars, which is relatively team friendly and cheaper than both Thompson and Thornton. Stranger things have happened, but if there is any true interest, a trade between the two clubs would likely need a third team involved. I’m not holding my breath.

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  • HaxMan_88

    Considering the guy who leaked it can’t tell the difference between here and hear, I’m guessing this is wrong. No way we let Goran go. Bledsoe might want top dollar this summer, I think our GM is too smart to pay a PG Lebron money when he isn’t even as good as Rondo (our GM’s old PG)

    • Suns fan

      Dragon as a backup point? Hmmm you’ve got to be kidding!!!! Not too many point or shooting guards are better than him in the nba at both ends of floor!

    • Jeremy Paulison

      And he also thought Eric Gordon was on Phoenix… I hear what you’re saying, but… LeBron money? That doesn’t mean a whole lot considering Bosh makes more than LeBron. Bledsoe’s market will probably be set by what Derrick Favors got, or what Hayward/Monroe get. It’ll most likely be a max deal, but remember a max deal for a player coming off his rookie contract isn’t as much as a regular 17-20 mil per year max deal. And he isn’t as good as Rondo? He is much younger and already better offensively, with the potential to be just as good defensively. That comparison doesn’t really make sense because they are different players, this is Bledsoe’s 1st year starting and he’s not playing w/ 3 HOF’s! In 2 years, he could be just as good as Chris Paul!

      But yeah, Phoenix won’t trade Dragic. Consider Ford’s source: his own opinion. McDonough and Babby have gone on record saying they are looking to trade their assets (picks) for an impact player, not the other way around.

      • Mike

        Couldn’t have said it better.

    • Mike

      Are you high? Bledsoe has been better than advertised for us, we WILL match any offer he receives and he will remain our PG of the future. It’s not even up for debate. You must not watch the Suns.

      • HaxMan_88

        You must be high. When was the last time a PG won anything? Bledsoe is a good player, but paying him the max is no way justifiable. We never even paid Nash that much money. It’s not just about if a guy is good, it’s about can he bring you rings and can he be a good player on a championship team. I really don’t trust Bledsoe off the ball and to win a ring as a PG you have to be able to play off the ball for your star. This is a sf/pf league, building your team around a PG is chicken dinner for Lebron James (who will be guarding your max money pg)

        • HaxMan_88

          Bledsoe hasn’t even earned gorans contract. People just like him because he can dunk. He’s not even the best pg on our team how can you be ok with paying him 10+ mil!?

          • Mike

            Wow. Ask Suns management if he isn’t earning that paycheck next year. He’s evolving rapidly. His numbers are way up from last year now that he’s getting real playing time away from Chris Paul, his mentor. He’s probably the best on ball defender at the most important position you must defend.

          • HaxMan_88

            You’re smoking something man if you think we should pay him a max deal. Some idiots like Milwaukee or Toronto will pay him top dollar. I don’t care what Kevin Love or Melo’s record is, every GM in the league would take their contracts over a max on Bledsoe (I think they would take Favors and Hayward on a max over him too) His floor game will never touch Rondo or Chris Paul. He is a very good defender, but that doesn’t justify paying big to keep him. And from the articles I’ve read, our team falls off in every category when Bledsoe is on the court without Dragic. I’ll find it and post it later. My only argument is, some garbage franchise is going to offer him a max deal and I hope our GM realizes that is not a good decision. He is not worth that money. Let Goodwin take over at the 2 next year and draft another young, athletic PG who can play defense for cheap and get a true star with that money.

          • Macstatic

            If your only comeback is continually that Mike might be “smoking something”, that’s not a very strong argument. I agree that Bledsoe might not be worth the contract compared to Love or Paul, BUT you also have to look at the fact that by keeping him in the rotation you are making the team more attractive for the FA market. He is still growing and will definitely reach the value of the Max contract within the contract. He’s already proven it.

            Him and Goran both have proven that the Suns need BOTH to truly succeed. Where one falls short, the other picks up the slack.

          • HaxMan_88

            I only said he was smoking something because he told me I was high lol. I like that point, with the free agent market and making us more attractive. But, Suns typically get better through trade. We won’t win over a Carmelo with the Lakers so desperate right next door. We need good contracts and picks. I agree they do balance each other out, I just think Goran has more substance to his game and won’t be greedy and ask for a max ever. Please tell me exactly what Bledsoe has done to prove he will earn a max? To be honest with you I haven’t seen one game where I thought he was the best player on the court

          • HaxMan_88

            Agree to disagree. Just a friend told me the other day he was better than Jason Kidd too and I almost fell off my feet. I don’t see the super star everyone else does

        • Mike

          LeBron is an anomaly. When is the next LeBron coming around? This is a great players league. Otherwise Carmelo and Love wouldn’t be losing while the Suns with 2 PG’s are 18-11 with Bledsoe as the main PG elevating Dragic’s play from last year. Your logic is extremely flawed. This ain’t 2k14.

        • Mike

          BTW waiting for a “savior” at strictly SF or PF and letting Bledsoe walk because he’s a PG is…misguided.

  • HaxMan_88

    I’m sure you guys will pay Bledsoe this summer though :) Goran is the better of the two

  • David Echard

    Would love to have Dragic in Sac. We’ll give you anything not named Cuz, and that includes IT.

    • Penis

      Why would you trade IT for Dragic? A) We’d be in the same position now regarding depth at the 1 B) you do realize that IT is having a better year statistically, across the board, than Dragic right?

  • Kevan Kent

    Eric Bledsoe can play the 2 also, so why would we trade Dragic when u can have Bledsoe at the 2 as he has been all season. The only trade that I would like from the Kings for the Dragon is trading Dragic and a 1st round pick for Cousins. However Kings will NEVER do that. Would be cool to get the Cousins/Bledsoe Kentucky connection again. Allow Bledsoe to ease himself into the full time PG spot over the next 2 seasons, continue to develop his shot at the 2, and then hopefully by 2015 Archie Goodwin will replace Bledsoe at the 2 as Eric shifts to full time PG. Then in 2015 they sign a veteran PG to back Bledsoe up so he can continue to learn the ins and outs of the PG position