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Shaq Says He’s Going To Make DeMarcus Cousins The Best Big In The NBA

To say this came out of left field would be an accurate assessment. Actually, this came more from the train station behind the parking lot behind left field. Either way, as odd and slightly terrifying as it is to type this, it appears Shaquille O’Neal is ready to help the Sacramento Kings win.

Wait. What?

Yeah, I just typed that. /takes shower

The former (and generally still) disliked Los Angeles Lakers center met with Sacramento Kings ownership recently according to CBS 13 Sacramento and in the process apparently informed Steve Large that he’s going help DeMarcus Cousins become the best big man in the league.

Per Large:

Kings Owners meet with Shaquille O’Neal @SHAQ@Vivek only on CBS13

And tweet number two:

O’Neal to #CBS13: “I’m going to make DeMarcus Cousins the best big man in the game. @boogiecousins

And a picture for those thinking O’Neal’s meeting with the Kings ownership was more likely than aliens crashing into the old Barn:

Only on # CBS13 at 10. Shaq teams up with Sac Kings Owners (at least for dinner).

Shaq had made mention of Cousins a handful of times during his television spots on TNT, suggesting that he could help Cousins mature his game and apparently he wasn’t kidding.

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  • Ed

    That would be huge if Shaq came in as a coach for Cousins! If Cousins cannot mature with one of the most dominating centers helping him polish his game, then it would be obvious that Cousins is not worth the max deal he wants now or after his contract! Oh yeah, can you teach him how to hold onto the ball in critical times of the games? How many times has Cousins turnover the ball when the game was there for the taking? He has so much to learn!!!